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You are stuck yet again with a PII error in MS Outlook. We will help you to fix the problem in no time. Microsoft Outlook is used by many people. However, there are minor errors. These errors can be transmitted to other computers and cause viruses. It is therefore better to be informed about these errors.

These are the contents that I recommend to you. They will give you a better understanding of the concept, as well as save your time.


  • What exactly is this Error- [pii_email_7aa1063d0d4a455b59e4]?
  • Causes of this error code.
  • How are error codes fixed?
  • Conclusion

What exactly is this Error- [pii_email_7aa1063d0d4a455b59e4]?

Let’s see what error code has been appearing when we try to access our MS Outlook mailbox. This error is not very serious. It’s not much different from other error codes. However, if we talk specifically about the pii_emailerror it is related to Outlook operations being running across your application. These errors are often due to mistakes made by the user. An error of this kind means that outlook’s mail application will not function properly unless the issue is resolved.

Causes of this error code

Examine carefully how the error code appears on your desktop. What mistakes were made by you? Even though these errors might appear many times, the steps for solving them are the same. Let’s look at the reason for the error code. It is important to understand this because it will reduce the chance of errors like this happening again. We have given you some reasons to take a look at them.

  • This error may occur when the system application is set up incorrectly.
  • Another reason for the error could be that the user did not check the cache memory.
  • Even if both you and your client are switching accounts, this could cause the application to become unresponsive.
  • It is possible to also upgrade Microsoft outlook to the most current versions.
  • This error may occur if the internet connectivity is not working properly.
  • Inspect whether you have any files or programs that may have modified your device or created an anonymous virus.

How are error codes fixed?

  • Be sure to upgrade Microsoft Outlook. All software applications must be up-to date due to error codes, security issues and other issues. It is essential to verify that your PC is properly updating such applications to the latest versions. You can therefore fix glitches and error codes by updating to a newer version.
  • Do not forget to clear your cache data.As we clean up our phone storage in similar ways, there are cookies and cache present in our application. Clearing them will help remove any error codes. With the application running more efficiently, you will see fewer error messages. You can also close tabs that are currently open in the background. Clear any history from the data and refresh your account.
  • Clearing all other files and reserves from your Application: Each software application has inbuilt reserves. Files that take up too much space could cause error codes. These errors can cause serious damage to your files and may even lead to the existence of viruses. After clearing out the remaining reserves, you can reboot the PC and log into your Outlook Application.
  • You have the option to choose from any other tool to fix errors automatically: Another method you could use is to use an instruments to correct errors in your application. You can easily find them online. These instruments are designed to correct and adjust errors. Microsoft Office 365 software can be used to detect and correct errors. Follow the instructions, and then restart or refresh your page. This may help in removing the errors.
  • One account is better than multiple:This practice is common among outlook users. This means that multiple accounts can be used in one application. Even this type of activity can cause issues if it creates conflicts with another account id. Avoid such actions and delete all unneeded ids in order to optimize the outlook application’s functioning.
  • A proper web-based Outlook Application:Sometimes users can access Outlook via other links. Although they are sometimes working initially, the same link causes errors over time. It is better to only use one web-based app. However, users can select the lighter version to enhance their experience and help prevent faulty errors.

These above-given methods will surely help you in getting rid of such errors of [pii_email_7aa1063d0d4a455b59e4] but if you did not succeed to address the error code then you must immediately contact the Microsoft help center for assistance as it may be some serious issues running through the application and a slight of mistake from the client’s side can make the usual situation worst.


Lastly, I would suggest you all be cautious with such ongoing threats and error codes ([pii_email_7aa1063d0d4a455b59e4]) as some may feel of almost no danger but can damage the whole system and create any virus internally. The installation or update of software can have its downsides. These are all common issues that users often face, and they can be solved by themselves. I hope you found this helpful.

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