If you have an event, a service, or a product to advertise, one of the most direct and simple ways of getting your message out there is by using a printed banner. While other marketing techniques such as online media, publicity events, and other printing methods are also effective and important, banners are ideal as an opportunity to grab people’s attention and concisely deliver your concept. This guide will outline for you the most pressing considerations when it comes to using banners for your advertising.

What is the Purpose of Your Banners?

The first step is to identify precisely what you are using your banners for. It isn’t enough to want your business or brand to be advertised; you must be promoting something specific such as a product or event. This will help to attract potential customers or clients since the message is more specific. Write down a list of your top priorities for what your banners should be used for before taking them to the design phase.

How Will You Design Your Banners?

When you come to start the design of your banners, look for someone who is skilled and qualified in graphic design to help you. While you may be confident in your design abilities, a trained professional will be far more likely to provide a banner design that captures the attention of your target market. Make sure that the information on your banners is concise, accurate and appropriate for your audience. You may also need to ensure that it is permitted to use certain phrases or images before taking them to print.

What Should Your Banners Be Made From?

The material you use for your banners will depend on how you intend to use them and where they will be hung. For example, if you plan to display them on the exterior wall of a building, then you would be wise to choose an outdoor material so that the banners don’t become worn or illegible.

Where Can You Display Your Banners?

You will most likely need to acquire permission from a relevant authority before displaying your banners. Unless you own the space in which you will be displaying them, it is best to make sure that they won’t be immediately taken down. If you speak to the manager of a mall, for example, they might be fine with you using some large hanging space for your banners, meaning that you should design them in order to make the most of the location.

Who Do You Want to See Your Banners?

The point of using banners to advertise is to put your message in front of your target market. If, for example, you are advertising an event directed at teens, there is very little point in looking for places to hang your banner where only elderly people will see it. Look for appropriate locations to have your banners hung so that the right people will be able to see what you are offering.

By Manali