Did you know that a recent study found most videos on Facebook are viewed with the sound off? Commuters commonly watch video content without headphones or in spaces where they will not be able to hear properly.

Have you ever thought to add subtitles to your video content on social media? Here are some of the key advantages of closed captions on videos, video advertisements, and any digital content in between.

1. Helping Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Viewers

Many deaf or hard-of-hearing people may have trouble understanding your video content. They should not have to rely on lip reading or other methods when subtitles are a readily available alternative.

A lot of media companies have subtitle requirements under the ADA, or Americans With Disabilities Act. This means that content on television, streaming services, and movies must offer closed captions on videos for people who require them.

Although subtitle requirements do not exist as much on social media, you should still respect those with disabilities who may not be able to hear. Subtitling services can help you achieve accurate and professional closed captions on videos.

2. Get More Video Views

When viewers do not have to worry about using sound, they are far more likely to view your video to the end. Social videos with subtitles can be viewed on almost any device, including cell phones and tablets.

If someone is in a quiet environment, like a library, they can watch your video without annoying those around them with sound.

3. Enable Multitasking While Viewing

Sometimes reading a screen is much easier than trying to actively listen to content. Comprehension through videos is a great way to ingest more content without having to pick up a book or scroll through an article.

Thanks to smart devices, people today have much shorter attention spans, which encourages multitasking. Casually reading captions is another way for them to digest the video.

4. Simplify Complicated Concepts

Sometimes listening to someone talking about a concept does not do enough for comprehension. For visual learners, subtitles on social videos can be a godsend when it comes to understanding an idea or concept.

In addition, closed captions on videos will provide terms that viewers may be unfamiliar with, or spelling that they can use when they take notes. Many websites will actually create a transcript from the closed captions on videos.

This can be a powerful study tool that they can review on the go, rather than having to go back and re-watch the video.

Add Subtitles to Your Videos Today

If you want to bring your social videos to the next level, you should definitely add subtitles to enhance your content. With these benefits, closed captions on videos can help spread your content even further.

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By Manali