Why BCA is Better Than B.Tech    


Dec 8, 2022

Introduction to BCA and B.Tech

BCA and B.Tech are undergraduate degrees in the field of engineering. 12th-grade pass-outs with maths as a stream have a choice to pick from these degrees to pursue education in the field of engineering, computer application, and information technology. Out of the many options are BCA vs. B.Tech degrees. And, they can appear to be a confusing choice for students. While both degrees have many factors in common, there are glaring differences between the two.

Before we understand how BCA is better than B.Tech, let’s expand on both:

Definition of BCA and B.Tech 

  • Bachelors’s in Computer Application (BCA) is a 3-year undergraduate degree in the field of information technology and computer application. It includes software development, computer programming, languages, and the basics of hardware as its main subjects. BCA is a specialised course with a sole focus on various aspects of computer science.
  • Bachelor of Technology (BTech) is a 4-year undergraduate programme in the field of engineering and technology. It is a technical degree with varied specializations. B.Tech is a generalized technical degree in the field of engineering, and the syllabus, curriculum, and career prospects depend upon the specialization chosen by individuals.

BCA vs B.Tech

There are multiple parameters to judge a degree’s worth and potential such as duration, ROI, coverage, curriculum, colleges, and job prospects covered, etc. Let’s compare both of these degrees:

Full FormBachelor of Computer ApplicationBachelor of Technology
Duration3 Years 4 Years 
Eligibility12th standard Entrance exams12th standard Entrance exams 
SpecializationDatabase Management SystemWeb DesignInformation TechnologyMechanical Electric and ElectronicsComputer ScienceElectronics and CommunicationChemicalBiomedical 
Subjects of Focus Database management toolsComputer architectureOperating systemsWeb technologySoftware engineeringProgramming languages (C, C++, HTML, Java, etc)Operating SystemsComputer NetworksComputer ArchitectureArtificial IntelligenceMachine LearningData Structure and Algorithms
Skills Solid Data Structures and AlgorithmsOO Design and PrinciplesOS, DBMS, NetworksCodingTeamwork Communication Computer programmingCreative ThinkingCommunication SkillsAnalytical Thinking
Job ProspectsComputer Programmer Software DesignerResearch Analyst Software Developer Data Warehouse Analyst Principal Data Scientist Data Engineer Research Engineer Computer Scientist ML Engineer 

7 Reasons Why BCA is better than B.Tech 

There are multiple parameters to judge a degree from. From the toughness of its entrance exam and admission process to the subjects it includes and the skills students learn. When it comes to picking a degree, the colleges imparting it must also play a huge role in that decision.

Here’s why BCA is better than B.Tech:

  1. Duration

    Kalinga University 
    which is the best private university in Chhattisgarh offers 3 years of BCA degree, whereas B.Tech goes on for 4 years. While a year may not make such a difference for most, it is crucial for young adults aged 19 to 22 – since 12 months matters the most at a peculiar time in a student’s life. B.Tech is often criticised because it includes plenty of filler subjects that increase the time but add little to no value. 
  2. Affordability 

    BCA is a fairly affordable degree and one of the best investments that programming aspirants can make. It is a niche-focused degree, which does a great job of teaching computer applications courses to students. Meanwhile, a B.Tech degree is a comprehensive and all-inclusive course, and the average fee from any private or public college for four years starts at INR 5,00,000. 
  3. Ease of admission

    Getting admission to BCA college in Raipur is pretty simple. Most B.Tech colleges require national or state-level entrance exams. The admission process gets even harder for popular streams such as computer science engineering and electronics & communications. The demand always trumps supply, as lakhs of students aspire for thousands of seats. This also has an impact on price gouging. Most private universities print a heavy bill for the next four years. Thankfully, you can get admission into BCA with ease as there are no nationalised exams. The admission process is fairly local, and there are enough seats for deserving candidates. 
  4. Diversified job profiles

    BCA graduates are eligible for a wide variety of jobs in the field of computer programming, languages, software development, and hardware. They can switch lanes and earn experience in the field of their choosing. While B.Tech graduates are mostly constrained to their regular data and coding jobs, BCA pass outs start their careers in the fields of information technologies, management information systems, internet technologies, database management systems, computer graphics, etc.
  5. Return on Investment 

    The average fee for the three years of BCA from Kalinga University, a noted university in Raipur is INR 3,16,750. The average annual starting salary of BCA graduates starts at INR 4,00,00 and can go as high as INR 8,00,000. Meanwhile, the average fee for B.Tech is upwards of INR 5,00,000, and the average annual starting salary of B.Tech graduates is INR 4,00,000 to 6,00,000. 
  6. Future opportunities

    BCA graduates have an edge of an entire year over B.Tech students. They can either explore a career in this field, or they can opt for further education. While the academic option for B.Tech graduates is limited to M.Tech or MBA, BCA pass outs can pursue an array of postgraduate degrees such as Masters in Computer Application (MCA), Masters in Business, Masters in Information Management, Masters in Computer Management (MCM), Master in Information Security Management, Masters in Data Science, etc. 
  7. Extensive curriculum 

    The BCA college in Raipur such as Kalinga University designs the curriculum in ways that make it competitive with national-level degrees such as B.Tech and B.Sc. The six semesters of the BCA curriculum cover beginner topics such as digital electronics, data structures, programming languages, and web development, all the way to expertise topics such as python, data mining, green computing, big data analysis, embedded systems, etc. 

In Conclusion, 

BCA and B.Tech degrees are vastly different and there’s no set parameter to judge them. But when we consider the factors mentioned above, we can conclude that BCA is better than a B.Tech degree. BCA degrees from university in Chhattisgarh are valuable for computer software and IT enthusiasts. It is the advanced study of computer programming and languages. Kalinga University is the best university to pursue your dream BCA degree. For more information, visit the official website of the university. 

By Manali