Which is better computer science or computer engineering


Dec 8, 2022


With the rising trend in engineering, today we have a variety of engineering branches to explore. Out of all the available options, a majority of students wish to pursue a career in the field of computer and technology.

Computational degrees are the most popular academic paths for students who wish to pursue careers in the field of Technology and Innovation and Terna Engineering College is among the best engineering colleges in Mumbai to provide computational degrees. The Technology sector has grown rapidly since the 2000s and now it is the most sought sector to work in.

In today’s world, computer science and computer engineering are two of the most sought and highest-paying bachelor degree of engineering. If you enrol yourself in the best private engineering colleges in Mumbai such as TERNA Engineering College, Navi Mumbai, you can pursue the best degree of your choice and can get great exposure, which will help you to achieve such high-paying jobs. Because of this students are attracted towards a tech job and might get confused about which degree to choose.

Let us clear up your confusion and misconceptions regarding computer science and computer engineering degrees.

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  IntroductionWhat is Computer Science Engineering (CSE)What is Computer Engineering (CE)Differences and Similarities between CE and CSECourses to study in CSE and CEJob outlook in both the degreesConclusionBest Colleges to pursue CSE and CE
  • Introduction

When you are looking to build a career in the computer field, it is important to identify the type of career which matches your interest and skills. Computer Science and Computer engineering are both in great demand today with lucrative and growing advantages.

Most outsiders from the tech world see no difference between computer engineering and computer science. But the tech geeks know that computer scientists and computer engineers hold different roles and responsibilities. In reality, computer engineering and computer science are two completely different fields.

Computer science basically focuses on the software part like writing codes, data structures, algorithms, statistical models, etc. In an efficient manner. Computer scientists develop different algorithms and programs to provide software solutions. Whereas, computer engineering is in reality a mixture of electronics engineering and computer science. Computer engineers also write codes, build software, and design algorithms just like computer scientists but other than that they also build computing Systems, integrated circuits, microprocessors etc. Computer Engineering involves the study of both hardware and software whereas computer science focuses on software alone.

  • What is Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

Computer science is basically the study of computational systems and computers. It involves the study of computer software and programming. Here the majority of focus relies on theory, application, design, build and development. As a field, Computer Science is more aligned with Mathematics and applies theoretical ideas to solve real-life problems.

Computer science can also include artificial intelligence, data structures, network architecture, etc. Computer science engineers can get great opportunities as software developers, computer programmers, web developers, data scientists, data analysts, system analysts, etc. In short, computer science focuses on computer theories and virtual aspects of computer networks.

  • What is Computer Engineering (CE)

Computer Engineering includes the study of both software and hardware. Being a computer engineer, one can design or build hardware and software for computer systems. It is a field with a mixture of electronic engineering and computer science. Common areas of interest in computer engineering are microprocessors, artificial intelligence, memory chips and circuits, computer devices (input and output devices), data transmission and storage devices, networking devices, etc.

In short, computer engineering deals with components and systems used in computing. Computer engineers focus on developing, testing and improvising the computer elements. Computer engineers have great opportunities as network architects, system analysts, data integrators, data analysts, etc. Computer engineers do the work of integrating hardware and software with the storage devices and output devices.

  • Differences and Similarities between CE and CSE

Well both computer science and computer engineering give students the concept of working with computers and technology, there are also some great in both field’s study curricula and practical applications.

In layman’s language, computer engineers can deal with problems relating to both hardware and software, whereas computer science looks forward to dealing with problems related to software.

Computer Science engineers learn to build computer systems, and programs using computer languages, create computer graphics, develop and analyse algorithms and computer networks, operating systems, build and store databases, etc. On the other hand, computer engineers focus on system operations, computer architecture, developing,  designing and building both software and hardware, etc.

Some important skills required for computer scientists are information system design, software development, an interest in computer languages such as Java, SQL, Python, C++, and JavaScript, a strong base in linear algebra and statistics, etc.

Whereas, skills required for computer engineers include coding, program design, software and hardware knowledge, skills in computer languages such as assembly, C++ and Perl, a strong base in mathematics, problem-solving skills, etc.

  • Courses to study in CSE and CE

The curriculum for computer science and computer engineering varies from university to university. Courses in computer science generally focus on the theory of computation and languages. Whereas, in computer engineering, the prime focus is on Electronics and Computer architecture.

Some important Computer Science courses are:

  • Cloud computing
  • Data analysis
  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Software engineering
  • Data security programming
  • User interface (UI) design
  • Software development
  • Operating system design
  • Gaming Technology
  • Encryption

Whereas, important courses in computer engineering are:

  • Digital logic
  • Machine design
  • General Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Electrical circuits design
  • Microprocessor designing
  • Gaming hardware Design
  • Digital signal processing
  • Robotics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Electronics device engineering
  • Job outlook in Computer Science and Computer engineering

Having an engineering degree from the top engineering colleges in Navi Mumbai like Terna Engineering College with some good skills and certificates will help you to achieve good high paying jobs. According to a report, the information technology fields which are Computer Science and Computer engineering, are forecasted to grow by 15% between the period 2025 to 2030. This means there will be no job shortage for Computer scientists and computer engineers in the coming future. In fact, it is believed that in the upcoming years, the IT field will still be the highest-earning sector for engineers.

Well as the job outlook is almost the same for both, the specific jobs available for both computer scientists and computer engineers differ.

Let us see some examples of Jobs after studying Computer Science and Computer engineering:

As Computer Science is more inclined towards theory, jobs in this industry focus more on research and development. Some examples of jobs after computer science are

  • Software developer
  • Data scientist
  • Artificial intelligence research scientist
  • Web designer
  • Computer scientist
  • Database administrator
  • Project manager
  • Programmer
  • System analyst

As Computer Engineering combines the concepts of computer science and electronics engineering, computer engineers find major work in hardware and software design and application. Some examples of jobs after computer engineering are

  • Hardware engineer
  • Communications engineer
  • Computer research scientist
  • Computer engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Circuit designer
  • Systems Programmer
  • Network architect
  • Game developer
  • Systems engineer


With the growth predicted in the field of Information and Technology, there is no harm in choosing any branch from computer science and computer engineering. Also, India is on the path of becoming the next IT capital in the world with the sector growing progressively within the country. So one can ensure that no skilled computer engineer or computer scientist will remain jobless in the near future.

But deciding which degree to choose will ultimately come down to one’s natural inclination and aptitude. As we have already discussed, while both degrees deal with theory and application, computer science focuses more on computer software, whereas computer engineering deals more with computer-related hardware.

It is upon you, what excites you more or seems more interesting to you. You should look at the career you want and review both degrees to choose which path you want to pursue.

Ultimately, the decision is one’s individual passions, skills, ambitions, convenience and professional goals. Just remember, both fields will provide you with great opportunities to solve real-world problems with innovative and constructive solutions.

Once you decide which branch to study, you should probably look for the best college to pursue your engineering.

  • Best colleges to study CE and CSE

Choosing the best college is the most important step after deciding which career to pursue. India has a variety of top colleges to study Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Choosing the best college for bachelor’s and master of engineering courses in Mumbai like Terna Engineering College can help you to a great extent in your future. These colleges are famous worldwide for providing the best education and exposure to their students. Let us see some top colleges in India.

  • Terna Engineering College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IITs)
  1. Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
  2. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  3. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

And many more

  • National Institute of Technology (NITs)
  • BITS, Pilani
  • Jadavpur University,  West Bengal

Among all the above-shared colleges and institutes, TENA Engineering College, Nerul is one of the bachelor of engineering colleges in Mumbai. Among all the top engineering colleges of Navi Mumbai, TERNA gained immense popularity among students and their guardians. Being one of the best ME Colleges in Mumbai, TERNA provides both Btech and Mtech degrees in Computer Science Engineering. 

By Manali