The presence of lizards in your home can be disturbing and even irritating to the sight of the susceptible one; therefore, you will want to do anything to keep them away. 

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In this article, I’ll show you the simple do-it-yourself (DIY) procedures that can help you keep lizards away from your homes. 

Methods of Controlling Lizards

There are countless methods to keep lizards away from entering your house. Some methods involve natural substances and simple do-it-yourself (DIY) procedures, while some other methods involve the use of industrial chemicals from pesticides.

First, I’ll share with you how to keep using chemical methods away from lizards.


Cypermethrin pesticide keeps lizards away from the house by killing all sorts of insects that lizards feed on. If lizards find no food to feed on in your house, they won’t patronize you except if one accidentally escapes into your house. 

However, its presence won’t last many minutes because the insects which might serve it as food are no longer present.

I recommend that you spray your house once every one or two months. You should know the exact locations of the potential breeding ground for lizards. You should spray the foundation, around windows, rain gutters, around air conditioning units, where pipes enter and exit the

home, etc.

DIY Methods to get rid Of lizards at home

The following are some procedures to get rid of lizards in your household. Some involve simple instructions you will only need to adopt using natural substances, while some use lizard repellents.

1. Use Pepper Sprayed Water

Mix black pepper with water and spray it in a dark, empty room where lizards are found patronizing. Lizards are known to get irritated and flee places sprayed with pepper liquids.

2. Use onions and garlic

Garlic and onions produce a tough odor that is unbearable to lizards. So, they serve as a means to chase lizards away. Place pieces of onions and garlic throughout your house. 

Any lizards that accidentally come across the location you have placed the onions and garlic won’t like to go there any longer. You can decide to use the onions and garlic to prepare lizard repellent. Prepare this by putting some garlic and onion inside a plastic bottle of water.

3. Use Of Naphthalene Balls

Naphthalene balls produce strong odors that keep lizards away. Put some naphthalene balls around places you found patronized by lizards, such as kitchen cupboards and under the sink.

However, ensure you don’t place them closer to your food items and near places where children would play with them. This is because the balls can be hazardous to their health.

4. Reduce your Room Temperature

Lizards survive in hot areas. Because they can not regulate their body temperature, they prefer to stay in a group. This is why residents in the milder areas do not need to worry about lizard problems—lizards are scarce in these areas because they rarely survive extreme cold weather.

One way to reduce the temperature of your room is to put on the air conditioning system (AC system) so that the cold condition, which is opposite to the hot weather condition that the body needs, would keep them away. All in all, to reduce the temperature in your rooms, use coolants and air conditioning systems.

5. Throw Away Unused Foods

As a method of prevention against lizards, they put away their new food and food items. Lizards would most times visit your house to look for available food leftovers.

Additionally, clean out your wet waste bins to prevent having suitable grounds for lizards.

By Manali