Alcohol abuse is something serious in our world presently, most especially among youths and teenagers. Alcohol abuse can be caused by so many things, ranging from early drinking to traumatic conditions and so on. But do you know that most people do not know when they are starting to abuse alcohol? Alcohol abuse is accompanied by different signs that are sometimes neglected, which would now lead to addiction in the long run.

Do you want to find out 5 modern signs of alcohol abuse? Stay glued to this article. You would also get to find out more about this by checking out AA meetings, Rochester NY.

Modern Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

When you drink more than you intend at a certain time

This is one of the signs of alcohol abuse. Most times, it may be neglected because the individuals might just see it as something that was activated by mood, but it’s not so. If you experience something like this more than twice, then it’s a sign that you are abusing alcohol. If you aim for 1 bottle but end up taking up to three, there is abuse in view.

Just wanting to drink(nothing else comes to your head)

This is a point when a person just wants to drink without reason, and funny enough, he/she does not think of anything aside from the fact that they want to drink. If you find yourself in this position, then abuse is inevitable. It could be worse when you start getting strange effects because you cannot take alcohol at that point. 

When you keep drinking even though you have serious side effects from it

When some people drink, there is a tendency that they suffer migraine or some kind of funny feeling just because they have taken too much of it. This is not where the problem lies, it lies at such a point when you are aware of these side effects and still choose to drink more. How would a person suffer from serious migraines due to drinking and then still choose to drink more? 

When you give up important things just so you can drink

Giving up important things like family outings and business meetings just because you want to drink is a sign of alcohol abuse in view. This implies that the urge to drink is greater than the time you want to spend with your family or the business meeting you are supposed to have. In fact, this is a serious addiction because who in his sane state will neglect important stuff because of alcohol?

When it has probably cost you your safety but you keep engaging the act

Some people have almost died due to drinking while driving or drinking at times when it is not appropriate, but with all of these experiences, they still keep drinking regardless of the effect that it has on them. 

Having seen this, let’s check out a few causes of alcohol addiction. 

Genetic history

If you find a person addicted to alcohol without any noticeable occurrence that might make him drink, it could be a genetic trait. Research has shown that people can become addicted to alcohol if they have a family member who was once addicted to it. 

Peer pressure

This could be called a social vice. A person can get addicted to alcohol because he sees his friends taking it or deriving some kind of pleasure from it. He/she can start by taking small shots and then take it more often and in larger quantities. Addiction is in view already.

By Manali