Some people still believe that earning cryptocurrencies is difficult. They say that you need either a big and expensive hardware setup to mine it or advanced trading skills to earn it by trading on the market, and there’s still a high chance of losing all of your money. However, that’s not true: there are actually a lot of ways to earn crypto without investing any time, money, or effort at all. Of course, there are many scams, too. That’s why we’ve selected the top 5 safe ways to earn some crypto online.

Investment programs

Many crypto exchanges allow their users to save crypto and earn interest on a wide variety of tokens, and there are both fixed-term and more flexible products to choose from. Two of the most prominent exchanges with such saving features are ByBit and OKX. All you have to do is choose an option you like by looking at its conditions and rewards. The exchanges provide many options like saving through investing in DeFi services.


Staking works in a similar way to investment programs, and many exchanges actually allow earning with this method, too. Staking means freezing your coins for a certain period of time in exchange for some reward. This method requires that you already have some amount of crypto, but it’s one of the best ways to earn free crypto passively without the need to trade it.


Airdrop is an event when cryptocurrencies are just given out for free. Airdrops usually get organized by crypto startups to reward their early investors and attract more people to the project. While there are many scammers in this niche, airdrops are one of the easiest ways to earn crypto coins that may skyrocket tomorrow: usually you just have to repost something or mention the coin on your page.

Play-to-earn games

Innovative P2E games use NFT-based assets to create entire ecosystems where characters or items from different projects can be exchanged freely. However, they are mostly known for their unique and entertaining mechanics that allow you to earn crypto just by playing them. These games are definitely the most fun way of earning cryptocurrencies.


Crypto faucets are online platforms and mobile apps that allow you to earn crypto by completing some tiny tasks like watching ads or solving puzzles. They are not very profitable, but you can fill extra time on your schedule with them to avoid wasting it.

By Manali