Planning a trip to Australia? Make sure that you know and prepare everything you would need for the trip. Traveling to another country requires a lot of preparation, so make sure you give yourself enough time to research everything that you would need from travel documents to places where you’ll be eating.

Australian Visas

When visiting another country, there are different requirements that can be asked of you depending on what country you are planning to visit and what country you are from. Visas are one of the main requirements of countries before you visit them. They are an endorsement on passports to show that you are permitted to enter for a specified time in a country. Up to date, there are many visas people can apply for to enter another country.

Australia is one of the countries requiring visas before you visit their country. These are top categories or classifications of visas a person can apply for to enter Australia:

  • Visitor visas – intended for those who plan to tour the country or visit family
  • Studying and training visas – intended for those who will be studying or training in Australia
  • Family and partner visas – intended for individuals or families planning to migrate to Australia
  • Working and skilled visas – intended for professionals who will be applying for a job or is hired in Australia
  • Refugees and humanitarian visas – intended for those seeking refuge from their home countries. This visa is determined by Australia’s Immigration Department.

You have to make sure you choose the right visa to apply for in order to easily gather all the necessary documents to apply for it. Applying for visas can be demanding as it involves a thorough understanding of your social and financial backgrounds. Each visa also has varying periods of how long you are allowed in the country that is why you need to make sure what your intentions are for applying for a specific visa.

How To Apply For An Australian Visa

Just like any other government process, there are a series of steps that you have to follow in order to efficiently finish the transaction. 

  1. First, choose what visa you would be applying for. Visa permits in Australia will vary depending on which one you choose. 
  2. Next, fill-out the application form that can be found on their official embassy website. Make sure that all information you input is accurate as any error may delay your process more.
  3. Following the application, prepare all the required and necessary documents to support your application.
  4. Lastly, pay all fees for the visa application.

When you’ve done all these and submitted your application, you will just have to wait for your approved visa. But do note that if you are denied, they do allow you to apply for another type of visa, just make sure that you do more preparation for your second application as this can be costly.


Don’t get too complacent with the step by step of applying for an Australian visa. Visa permits in Australia can still vary, meaning they can approve your application but only allow you for a very short period of time. In order to get the most out of your Australian visa, contact Hannan Tew Lawyers. They aim to inform all applicants of what is needed and the appropriate visa for them as well. Working with their team of specialists will make your application process easier and clearer. When petitioning a family member for US permanent residence, it’s essential to include the required Form I-130 checklist of supporting documentation to establish the qualifying family relationship. 

By Manali