Playing online poker games is one of the most preferred & revered game in India. Its sheer skill makes it the most likeable and knowledgeable game around the play circuit. With that said, Poker games have now been made available online and their usage has soared up. With many applications in the market for online poker games, users can now pick and choose their favourite option to play online poker game.

One such platform is AIO Games that offers you a fantastic gaming experience with high standard and incredible prize pool to win BIG cash prizes. If you are trying to play online poker, then it will depend on how you play & where you play. If you are a beginner or pro, in online poker games, then you got your type of pots and winning amount.

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Before we venture into playing, we also need to know about online poker games, & below are the 7 must-haves before you start playing online poker games:

1.     Learn the rules, and poker hand ranking

Poker is an easy game rather than the other ones, & people love to play it because they understand poker easily, but you need to know how poker hand looks:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a kind
  • Two pairs
  • One pair
  • No pair

Check this image for a better understanding

2.     Play tight but aggressive

Many players make a huge mistake of playing poker too wide and open too many hands. The best thing for playing poker is with the strongest hand that keeps your VPIP Poker Stat at a lower risk and tries to avoid any hard decisions post-flop.

If you do this, you will pay less, and play more aggressively when you decide to take action in your hand.

Maximum opponents in low games, try to play random hands. If you play poker then try to learn poker strategies, and when it comes then you can call yourself a pro, so if you are a beginner, then avoid huge amount whilst playing poker.

3.     Use position wisely

After deciding your position in online poker, make sure that your position is one of the best and important factors to consider as according to that, you win more money. Try to play more hands from there, when you don’t have a good experience, then to try to play so that you can win BIG!

4.     Try playing 1 Table

The main focus in a poker game is that you concentrate on your strategies and seeing all the information, so try to leave multi-table play if you are a beginner. Make sure you play on a single table, and try to grab strategies, and skills that ends up winning BIG!

5.     Learn poker odds

By learning poker odds, your whole game depends on it. Most people want to know what pot odds are. But understanding pot odds is a big concept that will only be understood when you play maximum real money games, and that will not be addressed deeply, so go with a quick concept check-in below-

  • GUT-SHOT 4 outs
  • Two over cards- 6 outs
  • Flush draw- 9 outs
  • Flush draw and gunshot 12 outs
  • Straight flush draw 15 outs
  • Take your time

6.     Take your time

Some people try to play online poker, or any real money games, very quickly, and because of this reason they lose their money. But for every real money game, you need to think to avoid playing too fast. Play according to game time, and before playing try to think and make strategies.

7.     Don’t bluff too much

One of the most important tips for gamblers, is that they bluff too much. If they do, they can lose their amount, and of course, when players move up stakes and start playing bigger games, it will impact their winnings. Make sure you do not try to bluff too much; it will demote your chances of winning in online poker games.

The above must-haves should send you a warning before trying your hand in online poker real money. If you do not interpret them in your gameplay, it could hamper your winnings and moreover, also affect your game going ahead.

By Manali

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