Retirement is the golden period of one’s life. It is when one can enjoy the fruits of one’s labour. It is an opportunity to live a life of leisure. It is a time to finally live life on one’s terms. Having said that, it is crucial to find the right place.

When it comes to retirement planning, many Australians are attracted to the retirement villages of Sydney. They believe they are the ideal places to lead their retirement life because of the abundance of green spaces, the large number of public transport options, great climate, fabulous beaches, excellent cultural opportunities, great health care, and the high quality of life. 

Further, they admire the city’s vibrant culture,  unique heritage, and strong community of self-reliant people. Here are a few reasons why people choose to spend their retirement life in Sydney.

Safe and secure environment

Older people need to feel safe and secure to be relaxed and comfortable. Retirement villages focus intensely on making the area safe with the required infrastructure, technologies, and staff. They check into the need of the residents at the present moment and for the future and work for it. 

Generally, retirement villages provide all amenities such as lawns, exercise spots, sporting grounds, walking tracks, pet-friendly spaces, and much more. 

Greater community to socialise

In recent years, growing social isolation has been seen as one of Australia‘s growing problems. Loneliness can indeed be very cruel, especially to older adults. A retirement village can quickly tackle this problem by eliminating boredom through a solid social circle. 

Building friendships, indulging in fun activities, recreational facilities, and regular picnics and outings can make retirement days more joyful and lively. There is also enough space where you can enjoy alone time and enjoy the nostalgia. 

Focus on health 

Working hard and being committed to personal and professional responsibilities for more than half the lifespan, retirement time gives space to heal a little. It is the time for eating nutritious food, enjoying undisturbed sleep, and indulging in minimal physical activities for a painless and active old age. 

Many retirement villages in Sydney can blow your mind with their wide food choices, yoga lawns, beautiful laps of pools, dance and aerobics classes, badminton and tennis courts, golf course, entertainment shows, and a lot more. 

They also conduct regular workshops like craft classes, painting competitions, book clubs, singing clubs, etc. All these activities can make older adults engaged and make them mentally and physically active. 

Beautiful places to visit 

Sydney is known to be the most beautiful city in Australia. It is a place of pristine views. The Opera house, the Bondi beach, the Harbour Bridge, the Taronga Zoo, the Royal botanic garden, Jackson bay, Art Gallery at the New South Wales, Museum of contemporary art, Luna Park, and more are very suitable places for the older adults to visit and enjoy. 

Easy transportation 

One can find anything and everything within proximity in Sydney. The need for a car is scarce. Retirement villages provide everything within walking distance or have comfortable internal transport for the residents. When they opt for an outside trip, visit the city, beaches or other tourist spots, a car or van is arranged to accommodate all. Moreover, Sydney is well connected inside out with its public transportation system. 

These are the top reasons why Australians prefer Sydney as their retirement destination.

By Manali