Matches are written in the stars, they say! While for single people out there, it feels like it’s not as easy as it is made to seem. Some people might have to try much harder to find that perfect person who makes their world brighter instantly. They might need some extra help occasionally. It might be your own personal wingman, friends arranging double dates, or it might be a match-making service. Hiring a matchmaking service will take the pressure off of dating, helping you strike out those basic checks on your checklist so as to narrow down your choices. While the individual chemistry and compatibility still remain to be determined by the two people involved, hiring a matchmaking service still increases your chances of finding love by a significant percentage! However, hiring the right matchmaker is also an important part of the equation. Read on to know how you are hiring a great matchmaking service when it comes to matchmaking for men.

Signs of a Great Matchmaking Service

  • They Have A Wide Network: You will want to hire a matchmaker who works with a varied network of clients, somebody who is social and is closely related to a huge network that is not just for your demographic but others as well. A great matchmaking service will offer an efficient matchmaker who is a well-known face in society and knows people in the network inside out. If you share what your ideal match should be like, and your matchmaker instantly suggests a bunch of names, it might be a good sign.
  • They Know The Current Industry: It is obvious that professional matchmakers should constantly keep themselves updated with the latest dating trends in society. They should know the current industry like the back of their hands and be aware of the statistics and the social cues. For somebody who is diving into the dating pool after years of gap, a matchmaker should be able to fill them in. Should you call after a date? Who should pay? Should you go on that weekend trip with your date after dating for two weeks? If your matchmaker is able to answer the above questions without skipping a beat, you are in good hands. 
  • They Are Active Participants: As a matchmaker, the professionals must be aware and prepared to have quite a few difficult interactions with their clients. There are situations where it must happen, whether it’s a date that is not going anywhere or a relationship in which one party is not as much interested. The professionals must personally be self-assured, secure, and unafraid to speak all that has to be said, regardless of whether that’s what the client wants to hear. They should be active participants in the journey of finding your perfect match, and if a situation is not looking anything less than perfect, they should be okay to call it out and talk to the clients regarding their dating situations.
  • They Are Willing To Answer Your Questions: If you are trusting a professional matchmaker with your fate in love, they should be able to answer some of your questions. You want to be aware that there are numerous ways to meet the kind of people you prefer. Ask about the approach they would take to meet the kind of person you wish to meet. What will they do next? Will they help you in any way? Then, when all of your inquiries have been satisfactorily addressed, the true question is: who do you respect and feel most at ease around? You will be able to answer that question with ease if you have asked the proper questions. Do not forget that matchmaking is a business that relies on heart, perception, and authenticity. And the top matchmakers exhibit each of those characteristics.
  • They Will Not Pressurize The Clients: Some matchmaking services with a bad reputation use high-pressure sales techniques to close deals. Your intuition is probably correct if you think the promises being offered are too good to be true. If a professional matchmaker promises that they have the perfect match in mind for you, only later for you to know otherwise, or asks you to pay the upfront costs, feel free to set some boundaries. Most individuals get emotional when they first fall in love, but you shouldn’t let that affect your judgment. If a hard sell makes you uneasy, especially during a face-to-face sales pitch, wait to sign anything until you’ve done additional research. Even if you feel right about the person you are seeing, you don’t really have to label it as the perfect match just yet, especially if you are feeling hesitant or pressured in any way! 

Matchmaking is a very specific talent of pairing two people with a high probability of falling in love and then watching the magic unfold. It is a gift that only a few have, and needs a deep understanding of human nature and compatibility. When it comes to finding your “forever love”, finding the right person to match you with your “the one” is really important. If you don’t hire a competent matchmaking service provider, you might end up with the wrong person, and eventually break your heart!

By Manali