Why a Global MBA Program is worth your time and money?


Dec 8, 2022

Why a Global MBA Program is worth your time and money can be seen ahead. An MBA in Global Management  is a program that helps in imparting knowledge to students. International business management and changes in the perspective of the students have changed the scenario altogether. The master’s in business administration program is structured in such a way that it becomes a good learning platform and spreads benefits internationally among the people.

The scope of the course is huge and it helps in improving career growth and opportunities. MBA programs are not all for freshers, but some even demand the experience of some time and fixed years. Some of the successful business strategies can be used by the professionals like training, and the essential skills which are important for business knowledge. Those who are planning to go into international business platforms can handle the business and global strategies with diverse scopes.

Table of Contents:

  1. Scope of Learning
  2. UBS Global MBA Professional Growth
  3. Chasing the dream
  4. UBS MBA in global management: meeting the Demands
  5. Employment opportunities
  6. Exploring other options
  7. Modules in UBS MBA in Global Management
  8. Outcomes of pursuing MBA Abroad for Indian Students
  9. Conclusion

Scope of Learning

The curriculum shows that the platform is diverse and there are various students who have a wide range of learning platforms that they can grasp. You might even be a professional who has left the job and is pursuing an MBA. So, for you, the Full-time MBA Global program is going to be quite beneficial. The reason behind this is that there are various aspects of financial growth. There are various latest technologies and insights that one can get through the MBA program. Moreover, it is seen that there are a lot of business situations and scenarios that one can learn about through the course.

UBS Global MBA for Professional Growth

It is seen that there are various professional opportunities that one can get through the course. The course helps to impart certain professional grounds to the aspirants so that they can have a better and bright future and the career growth is also immense. UBSGlobal MBA will help to gain the spectra of various opportunities and along with that professional growth. The platform even helps to bring students, faculty, and professionals throughout the globe together.

Chasing the dream

With the MBA course, one particular stream of business administration which is Finance, Marketing, Management, and Risk Planning can be grasped and the growth ladder of it., and the business opportunities that it offers are immense. One can select the various professional courses that can define their career path. Experiential training can be quite helpful in attaining industry insights and a well-rounded program plan.

UBS MBA in global management: Meeting the Demands

The global environment is a unique space and the market keeps on engaging the employment opportunities and strategies, which the MBA course has the capability to fulfil. The MBA course has an ever-evolving domain and the subject is going to have a global look throughout the course of time.

Employment opportunities

The prospects of placements that one can get through the MBA global program are immense. There are a lot of arrangements that one should see and even be a part of the diverse placement opportunities. The options for employment that one can get through this international platform are suitable for having a fruitful and flourishing career. MBA schools are in various locations across the globe, and there are various alumni networks that one can check and go through to widen employment and growth opportunities.

Exploring other options

Through the MBA global program, one of the most fruitful and advantageous assets that one can get is that one can explore a number of options and job opportunities. There are various things to choose from such as Global Management Consultant, Marketing Manager, advisory positions, and a lot more. The industry is getting deeper into it to know that the knowledge and experience that one can get from the course and the business management curriculum are deep and immense and therefore one should surely have a hand at it.

UBS MBA in global management structure

The Global MBA program is a 12-month course. Through the course, the first and the second term consists of key business topics and these include accounting, finance, system and operations management, and the various other aspects of marketing. The program is further very helpful since the subjects included in it are the pathway for your excellence and a good academic career as well. There are various opportunities that one can grab that involve academic research and various things that can be clubbed with the course to improve your efficiency on the whole.

Modules in UBS MBA in Global Management

There are various modules in UBS MBA in Global Management and one can easily get access to it through the various MBA colleges in Mumbai that offer excellent education facilities. The various modules include:

  • Accounting and managerial finance
  • Marketing and Business Environment
  • Study methods
  • Research Methodology
  • German language studies
  • Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Cross-cultural Management
  • Innovation and product development
  • Digital Marketing Communication
  • Health Finance and Economics
  • Human Capital Management

Outcomes of pursuing MBA Abroad for Indian Students

By the end of the session and the UBS Global MBA program the students will be able to have access to:

  • Detailed knowledge of business organizations, financial investments, marketing, management techniques, knowledge of investments, etc.
  • Assessing the markets, communicating the business needs, and identifying the various scenarios and management context.
  • Applying professional standards in writing, design, presentation, specialization, and other outcomes.


Thus, the UBS Global MBA program is very beneficial and one should surely be involved in it if they want to level up their career and life. All those who are thinking of taking admission must know that the MBA admission process is quite simple and one can easily take admission. To get the degree in the Global MBA program, you must enrol in Universal Business School. To know more, kindly visit the official website of UBS. 

By Manali