Many trading companies in India last a long time and do good business. These companies offer a wide range of Demat accounts and revenue services through retail stores nationwide. Such services include portfolio management services, IPO (Initial Public Offering) funding, online security trading, Mutual Fund Investments, and much more.

To use such account features, the investor must open a Debit account. When opening a Demat account, the lender should first consider which of the many repayment plans may be right for him or her. Many short-term plans meet the diverse needs of investors and traders.

One of the most popular plans for lenders is a system that involves opening a free Demat account for Indian investors. However, two things are common in the market. First, such a plan is provided by very few retail companies in India, and second, the service is provided by retailers who are sure of the risk to the trader or investors.

When the agent/retailer opens a free Demat account, the fees for opening the account are waived. Even the broker takes over the postage, which is part of the Demat account opening.

However, every time a broker develops such an account, there are some factors involved. Some hidden reasons for a free account may include advertising, hidden costs, poor performance, and much more.

Therefore, for the investor to protect him/herself from being deceived in any way by such things, he/she should first compare the best free Demat accounts in the market. Other things to keep in mind include finding the hidden costs in the brokerage plan, ensuring speed, reliability, and efficient use of commercial software, and the effectiveness of the broker’s back support services.

Other things that can be verified are useful for all traders/investors and information provided by the broker as part of their services, confirmation and justification for all payments made in the short term, and more.

It is also good to mention that some Free AMC Demat account brokers and companies offer genuine free Demat accounts. Such companies offer zero or no brokerage fee; the first annual fee is completely waived. There are no hidden charges, and they are cheap.

The process of creating a free AMC Demat account is simple.

To open an online account, the trader should download the forms, fill them out and go to the bank or loan company of their choice. While, in the online form, he/she will create an account with the click of a button.

Below is the simple and easy process of creating a free AMC Demat account:

  • Select the DP, the Deposit Participant, for the account.
  • Open an account creation form in their app or on their website.
  • Enter the name, phone number, PAN number
  • Increase bank and personal information.
  • Update all KYC queries requested.
  • IVP is done online.
  • The mobile phone must be connected with the Adhaar card in the signing section.
  • A confirmation is sent to the phone with a unique customer ID.
  • A password is created to start using the directory.

If you want to open a trading account, the process is the same. A free AMC Demat account is essential to buy or sell stocks. It is linked to the bank account. To buy or sell, the money will first be transferred from the bank account to the trading account to buy or sell from it.

The investor should also look at the preferred loan plans before choosing the best account. To find out more, sign up for a brokerage plan that includes a free Demat account at a fair fee or a refundable price. Choosing a free Demat account with a high-end brokerage may be very expensive in the end.


The worry of stocks and investment documents becoming lost, taken, or destroyed is no longer a relevant issue with the introduction of Demat account technology. Alternatively, everything may be handled with the press of just a few clicks or by instructing the Bank Participant to do so.

By Manali