People who work in marketing are always looking for new ways to market.

brand recognition What better method to accomplish this than to capitalize on a popular news item and bring it into your own territory? This is known as newsjacking, and it can be quite beneficial to you.

Do you want to make your content strategy better and get your audience more involved by using current events?

So, keep reading and I’ll tell you all about it right now.

What exactly is newsjacking?

Newsjacking is a form of digital marketing in which you find a trend or piece of news and use it to create content about your brand, product, or service. The trick is that the news and your material must be in context, natural, and not feel forced for it to function. In other words, you must be inventive.

This novel spin on the news draws attention to the information, and the high level of involvement boosts the publication.

You must be quick to achieve this because everything is happening in real-time and every second counts.

So, because this method needs to be done right away, it works best on social networks, where everything is set up for your content to spread quickly.

By the way, the term “newsjacking” is a combination of the phrases “news” and “hijack.” David Meerman Scott came up with this strategy. In 2007, he put it in his book “The New Rules of Marketing and Public Relations,” which marked the start of this strategy.

What are the benefits of newsjacking?

Using newsjacking allows you to ride the viral marketing wave and benefit from its pace and expansion, ensuring that your content reaches a large number of people.

What do you gain from it?

1. You boost the number of visitors to your website.

That is, you receive more traffic, which increases your search engine positioning and, if you know how to use it effectively, leads to more leads.

2. You increase your reach and interaction.

You gain more social media shares for your publications. This equates to more followers, increased conversation, improved positioning, and increased engagement.

3. You seek to improve brand recognition.

They will also think of things like originality and creativity, which are all important for newsjacking to work.

4. You gain power.

Creating relevant and unique content positions your brand as a resource for your target audience. It undoubtedly improves your brand.

5. You diversify your content strategy.

Newsjacking is a new pillar in your content strategy.

The brand that “hijacked” the story has the potential to become more well-known than the original news. It also does not have to be costly to adopt.

How can a good newsjacking approach be built step by step?

With all of the benefits in hand, it’s time to design a newsjacking approach. What steps should you take?

1. Keep up with the news

Use technologies that analyze current trends to monitor blogs, media, and social networks.

Use Google Trends to track trending subjects, or go to Google Alerts to set up alarms with terms related to your company. You might also let chance bring the news to you.

2. Find a suitable news item.

The thread to follow is to locate a viral news story that is now taking place in real time. Any sporting event, political event, cultural event (such as the Oscars or the Golden Globes), or news item… As long as it is relevant to your buyer persona.

3. Link the news to your brand

Look for a natural link between your brand and viral news and provide a message that reflects the company’s values. In this case, wit and the correct tone will be crucial in getting the message over to the public. To do this, you must always be yourself, both in what you say and how you look.

4. Use the appropriate medium to publish.

Now, where do you publish: on your blog, on Twitter, or on Instagram? Because social networks have the highest virality, they are the perfect media for newsjacking. Choose those where you have a presence and your target audience is present.

5. Seek assistance in spreading the news.

It never hurts to boost your news, and that’s where the media and news agencies can help. Both will publish the original article and will welcome a fresh perspective on it. Contact them and point them in the direction of your website or social media.


Newsjacking is a content marketing approach that uses breaking news to benefit your company.

To leverage it, you must be quick to capitalize on breaking news and creative to tie it to your business.

If you’re successful, you’ll get a lot of attention from the media, which will help your brand’s positioning.

Of course, it is a technique with short-lived publications that necessitate frequent content generation, but it is worthwhile.

By Manali