Have you been thinking about reviving an outdated piece further or even repainting your wall? There are chances you have come across an outstanding finish and considered the option a great one for a fresh coat. However, chalk paint is a whole idea that offers more cosmetic treatment than an ordinary finish. The paint has become a darling to many due to its distinct texture. Chalk paint comes in multiple colors, making your room makeover a great adventure. You ought to settle on your favorite color to ensure you achieve the desired outcome for any of your projects.

Most of the popular chalk paint colors that you can consider are;

Pale Pink

Considering a pop color for such things as porches and patios helps achieve that beautiful look. Since they are exposed, they need to be enhanced with a more distressed finish to give the desired appearance. Patios bring out a plaster effect when painted with chalk paint. To add elegance to the ideas, you can factor in hanging plants for the greenery overhead and make your furniture more stylish and cozy. The merit of using this color is that it appears in most online places to buy chalk paint.

Cobalt Blue

You will never resist the urge to enter a painted cobalt blue room since it is undeniably beautiful. In most cases, cobalt blue works well for kitchen furniture giving you more reasons to enjoy your stay in the kitchen. Blending the color with a few more compatible colors gives the space much character. In addition, you can easily get a carpet that matches your furniture and improve the outlook of your room to the latter. You do not have to stay outdated while you can afford some of these paints and change the outlook of your furniture to a greater extent.

Sunny Yellow

Sunny yellow is a shade of yellow that has proven to be cheerful, not to mention the energizing quality. Yellow chalk paint works perfectly well for a sunny space. The color blends well with either burgundy emperor’s silk or Tallulah stencil. In addition, the color is unique and will make your furniture look more elegant and stylish, especially if the painting is done well. In other words, if careful, you will get some of the best results in painting using this color. The best thing about using such a color is that it is relatively safe and blends easily with other colors, making it one of the most expensive stylish you can adopt for all your furniture.

Light Peach

Girls have been trending online with clothes that take a light peach color. Therefore, to match the trend, you can adopt this color for your chalk paint. In other words, if you have some old furniture and have been thinking over the paint to rekindle its elegance, consider using this colored light peach, and you will never regret it. You will need to be proactive and use a smooth brush to obtain the kind of complexion that will completely change your house’s outlook.

Bottom Line

If you are unsure what color to use for your furniture paints, consider the above colors and make a wise decision.

By Manali