BMW performance parts help to improve towing and load-carrying capabilities, as well as better handling off-road and on-road. While most performance parts are designed to provide a sportier driving experience, automakers also make room for functional upgrades. BMW performance suspension helps you to have a more dynamic driving experience than ever before.

Sway Bars

The sway bar helps to stabilize your BMW while driving. Also known as an anti-roll bar, this metal bar is connected to the control arm or the strut found on the vehicle’s wheel. It is designed to keep all the wheels on the ground to prevent your vehicle from accidentally flipping. 

Your BMW requires an outlet to improve sharp turns and keep all of the forces stable. The vehicle will keep swaying if there is nowhere to release that tension. 

As the vehicle turns, the sway bar will put more pressure on the steering system and suspension. Sway bars handle twisting and turning motions and straighten back out once the vehicle finishes turning.

Shocks and Struts

Struts and shocks prevent the vehicle from rolling, bouncing, and wiggling. Shocks absorb bumps by minimizing movement created by springs. 

Reducing the impact of rough roads and rocky terrain helps drivers better control the BMW. Shocks provide a safer, smoother driving experience. 

Struts are components connected to the suspension and steering systems. They are stronger than shocks because their purpose is weight-bearing. 

Struts soften spring movement and help in handling control in different road conditions. They moisten the vehicle’s joints to improve steering and alignment. 

Coil Springs

The purpose of coil springs is to maintain good alignment angles and support the BMW at its appropriate height. The springs also absorb road shock transferred through shock absorbers and tires. 

Constant turning can weaken the suspension system, gradually making the vehicle sag. Without coil springs, any weight surpassing the maximum capacity can break the axles. 

Coil springs serve the role of absorbing shock. When the pressure is administered to the car, the energy will be transferred into the coil’s spring. Springs serve the role of storing energy by supporting heavy weight for a smoother ride.

Air Suspension

Equipping your BMW with an air suspension helps with adjustability. The springs decrease and increase air volume, while the air suspension system can lower or raise the vehicle’s ride height. 

BMWs can use air suspension to improve off-road capability, departure angles, and ground clearance. Raising the suspension minimizes the chances of underbody damage from dangers on the trail and the vehicle getting stuck off-road. 

There are also advantages of lowering the suspension. Those who have got inside a lifted SUV or truck understand the struggle. A vehicle with lowered suspension is more stable on the road and eases the process of getting in and out of the BMW, which is a luxury.

Suspension Bushings

Bushings are mounted in steering joints and car suspension to reduce vibration and noise, control movement in the joints, and absorb road bumps. When bushings work well, they allow less movement. You will not hear rattling or clunking noises when driving on rough roads, in hand braking, and when turning. 

New bushings will improve the handling of a BMW on the road for several years. The driver will also not experience loose steering or poor handling. 

Control Arms

Control arms serve two primary responsibilities: isolation and control. Torn or worn-out bushings are the main reasons for replacing the control arm. 

The control arm stabilizes the BMW by allowing the wheels and the chassis to move uniformly when the vehicle is moving. They also help to achieve uniformity between the steering system and the suspension. 

Control arms dampen the ride allowing the driver to control the vehicle. The hinge joint on the control arms keeps the wheels on the ground when traveling on potholes, bumps, or smooth pavement.

Find the Best Dealer for BMW Performance Parts

BMW performance parts have created an effective way to have better control of your vehicle when driving. Choose a dealer well-known for producing high-performance parts. The best dealer will increase your BMW performance safely using the best performance tuning software. 

A dealer with a long history in racing can provide high-performance upgrades. The best performance suspension will adapt to your driving style on-road and off-road, providing safety and a great driving experience.

By Manali