We’re going to dive into trade shows and how you can position yourself to find the best wholesale clothing suppliers and get your hands on emerging trends before everyone else.

But first, let’s look at a few other perks to attending wholesale trade shows.

1) Industry Expert Seminars

Run by ecommerce industry experts, you can attend seminars on everything from inventory projection to social media strategy. Not only do you get the chance to find great wholesale clothing, but you get tips on how to sell them from those who have been in your situation.

2) In-person Meetings

A fashion trade show is overflowing with some of the best wholesale clothing suppliers, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed by everything going on and lose focus.

I can’t highlight the importance of building solid relationships with your vendors, and trade shows present a great opportunity to schedule a time to speak with them in person.

3) Negotiation Opportunities

It’s much easier to negotiate in person as you’re able to make eye contact and read body language. If your vendors are not local to you then trade shows are the best opportunity for you to meet and negotiate a better deal in person.

Expert Tip: Tradeshows are your opportunity to be a bit more aggressive when negotiating prices with your wholesale clothing vendor.

4) Press Exposure

Not only will you find wholesale clothing vendors at trade shows. And but you’ll also find members of relevant press and magazine editors frequent these shows to get ahead of the curve.

That’s why I recommend joining the seminars.

Network, take cards, and don’t forget to bring your own. If you can get on the radar and get your business card into the right hands, there’s the opportunity to create a great connection. And score some free press.

5) Meet Potential Collaborators

Wholesale clothing trade shows are full of new entrepreneurs just like you. And while it’s tempting to focus your networking efforts on vendors, and big brands. And influencers (yep! they attend trade shows too) I actually find some of the best networking to be done among new entrepreneurs.

Look for people who have brands that are aligned (but not the same as) yours. And connect with them in person. On returning home think about how you can partner with these people – then follow up.

6) Meet (and Get Ahead of) The Competition

Don’t forget, trade shows are filled with your competitors all looking to snag some wholesale clothes to thrill their customers.

This makes wholesale shows a great place to see what your competitors are buying. This information can either be used to tip you in the right direction to go. Or, you can even use it to help you know what not to pick as you don’t want to have the same thing as everyone else.

Expert Tip: Bring a notebook, charger bank, business cards and a few pens.

Now that we’ve discussed the additional bonuses of attending trade shows. And i want to share some tips on how you can get the most out of your day.

By Manali