There is a reason the professionals talk about position as being so important while trying luck in online gambling. It can be the difference between going out ninth in a nine player game or being the winner.

In any game what happens prior to your turn to act is relevant to your play. On the flip side any action you make can cause a reaction preflop by another player.

For our example we have chosen an online gambling table of nine players on sites like You have 2500 chips. You are first to act. The blinds are at 400-800. Your hand is playable but not great. If you hope to see the flop with a call, you have to keep in mind that there are eight people following you that have the opportunity to raise, re-raise and even go all in. Calling 800 in chips leaves you only 1700. If player two re-raises to 1600, your call would only leave you 900 and you still have seven more players to follow that could raise you again. At this point you haven’t even seen the flop.

On the next hand you are in the big blind. Four players before you call and there are no raises. You now have the opportunity to push. At least two of the players are apt to fold. This will lessen the competition while insuring there is a healthy pot. If you folded prior to calling in the last hand, you still have all of your 2500 chips.

If you reversed the action and pushed while in the first position, you may find everyone folding so there is a very small pot to reward you for a great hand, or someone with a premium hand pushes back even harder.

The pros recommend that without a premium hand you should not play unless you are within one seat from the button. This will be safer for seeing some cheap flops that may hit your card combination. From the button to the big blind you should be able to see a lot of flops. Early position players would have folded a mediocre hand due to position. You have the opportunity to see the flop with the same mediocre hand because your position insures that it will cost you less.

Bluffing without position should just be called suicide. Too many things can happen after you push out your chips to risk. In late position you have the ability to use your position and study what came prior to your turn to determine if it is a good time to bluff. When it looks like five players before you are trying to see a cheap flop-push. Even if they all fold, you collect some healthy blinds.

Timing Is Everything

While some people play better in the morning or evening, still others feel they play better based on the amount of sleep they have had or how many distractions are going on around them. All of those are valid factors in how a person plays but there is even more to consider.

If you look as some of the most popular sites and track the amount of players on them at different times of the day it doesn’t take long to realize the vast majority of players are from the Western Hemisphere, namely the United States of America and Canada. We are just speaking about the quantity of players. It has nothing to do with the quality of player. There is much more competition during the daylight hours for the U.S. and Canada. Even then consider that early in the morning on the east coast the west coast is still sleeping and a good number of people are more concerned with going to work. Having less competition will always up your odds of winning.

Many people like to come home from work, eat dinner and then relax to a game or two of poker. They are often surprised to find that dinner time hours to early evening hours mid week a bad time to play. Think in terms of the kids getting out of school. Like it or not there are a lot of kids on the poker sites. Watch the site you play on to see if the play get much more aggressive in the after school hours.

This leads us to the time of year. It seems odd at first that the season would make a difference but it does for the same reason as the after school hours. Kids have vacations. All summer the play changes and each time there is a school holiday. We aren’t talking about some local school. We are talking about two nations worth of teens. The play isn’t just aggressive; any good player can bet an aggressive player. The play is reckless. It is the kind of play that is dangerous. Kids don’t have the same concept of money as adults.

So what about the late weekend nights? Think about the number recreation across the nation on the weekend-drinking. Many people continue to drink throughout their evening of play. It can go either way. You may get a severely reckless player who is easy to beat or a severely reckless player who is lucky. You have to remember its poker. You can have the best hand and never win a pot. But keep in mind, timing is everything.

Online gambling should not be played under any kind of influence including alcohol and emotional. It is always suggested to try luck when the mood is fresh and clear of attachments. It is better to avoid drinking for the whole day if playing is preferred in the evening or night. Winning becomes easier while playing with a relaxed mood. Losing money could be huge if played under influence.

Apart from these, it is recommended to avoid chasing losses. It may lead to more losses and winning can be distanced. It is better to drop playing for the day and try the next day.

By Manali