Bingo in the 21st century is a funny one, because as much as the game takes on distinct features that are similar with casino gambling games, it has historically never been considered as such. In fact, it really isn’t uncommon for casino gambling enthusiasts to act very snobby when it comes to bingo, immediately shutting it out and never even giving it the time of day – play at

But here’s the thing: it’s no longer a viable option for casino snobs to do this, especially not when you consider the impressive extent of the modern bingo industry that has been rejuvenated in recent years by the arrival of online bingo. Furthermore, there are certain unique aspects to bingo that will always make it a fan-favourite game and one of these is crude bingo calls. Keep reading for crude bingo calls that are still being tossed around.  

A brief timeline of bingo 

Crude bingo calls are all well and good, but it would be a shame not to outline the impressive history of bingo in this article too. Take a look at a brief timeline of bingo: 

  1. In 16th century Italy the Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia forms the foundations of modern day bingo.
  2.  The game jumps over to France where it is called Le Lotto. Wealthy French businessmen love it, and from here it spreads to America and other European countries.
  3. In 19th century Germany bingo begins to be used extensively in schools to help teach kids about various things.
  4. A US entrepreneur called Edwin S. Lowe makes the first commercially successful bingo scorecards in the early 1900s.
  5. Bingo spreads across the world during the post-WWII years.

Bingo calls: What are they? 

Right then, back to the crude bingo calls. Straight off the bat, one important thing to explore here is what bingo calls even are. For bingo players in the UK bingo calls will be common knowledge, however it isn’t such a big thing in other countries.

Basically, bingo calls are funny little sayings that the bingo caller uses after each number. A famous example is 88 – “two fat ladies”. 

A few reasons why bingo calls exist 

Bingo calls are about a lot more than simply British humour. There are several genuine reasons why bingo calls exist, and it’s not just about making people laugh, although this does come into it. Take a look at a few of these reasons behind bingo calls: 

  • Easier to hear: It can be easy to miss a bingo number in the hullabaloo of the game, however with bingo calls it becomes easier to pick up on numbers.
  • Comedy: Most bingo calls are meant to be quite funny, and it all just makes the general bingo experience all the more fun.
  • Cultural identity: In the UK bingo calls are a huge part of the cultural identity, another reason why they exist.

Examples of crude bingo calls 

Here are some crude bingo calls: 

  • 83 – Stop farting!
  • 69 – Meal for two with a view!

By Manali