, a website devoted to poker, allows players to play at any time. If you are new to Internet poker, this might be something you are curious about. What is It refers to the website’s domain name, as well as the game type and the scope of its gaming activities. It refers to everything that is related to playing online poker via this website. This will be covered in more detail. Continue reading to learn more about and the implications for players who are interested in joining its virtual poker tables.

What does mean?

BadA78 is a combination of the names of two poker variations – Badugi (or A-A-8-8-8). Badugi poker variant is only available online and can be played in no live casino. A-A-8-8-8, another variant that is less popular, is also available online and in live casinos. BadA78, in other words is a domain that contains the characters from two popular online variants. It can be beneficial for players because it is easier to remember than the names of one variant. can find it a disadvantage because people may be confused and mistake BadA78 for one of the variants.

Why is it named this way?, as we’ve already mentioned, is the domain name for a website that allows players to play multiple poker variants. simply allows you to organize all these games in one place, making it easier for you to find the poker games that interest you. These games all refer to Texas Hold’em variants, so allows you to easily group them all together.

What is operates in a similar manner to other online poker sites. To begin, you will need to create an account on the website. This account will allow you to log in to and start playing. operates in a similar fashion to other online poker sites. To begin, you will need to create an account on the website. This account will allow you to log in to and start playing. The gameplay is the same as a real poker game, except that players are dealt virtual cards. You can’t see cards being dealt to other players, only your own. has the following games has Texas Hold ’em, as well as three other poker variants: Badugi, A-8-8-8-8 and 8-or better. Badugi, a poker variant that can only be played online nowadays, is not available in any live casinos. A-A-8-8-8, another less popular variant of poker, can still be played online in some live casinos. 8-or-better, a Texas Hold’em variation, is where you need to use either A-KQ-Q or A-Q in order to win each hand. Rewards offers its customers a variety of perks, including a loyalty program and cashback rewards.’s rewards program is based on how much you spend on poker. You can earn more rewards for spending more money.’s cashback program is very basic. However, it can make a huge difference to your bottom line if played a lot. will pay you a set amount each month depending on how many times you played in the month before. What’s not to like? has a decent online poker platform. There are some drawbacks, as with any other website.’s most prominent problem is that it isn’t available to U.S. citizens. This is because the U.S. government regulates online poker and has decided to ban it. does not allow residents of Canada or other countries. This is because of the same government regulations that prohibit online poker in the U.S. has a very poor bonus program – a maximum bonus bonus of $15

Last words overall is a decent online poker site. It offers excellent bonuses and attractive game types to players. It lacks a license from a trusted regulatory body. This is a rare occurrence for online poker sites, especially those that are based in the former Soviet Union.

By Manali