A humidifier is a must for cigar humidors. However, a hygrometer isn’t necessary if you don’t have an object that causes humidity. Choosing the best cigar humidifier for your humidor might be difficult; but, you have come to the right place. 

To keep the cigars from becoming too dry or too wet, a humidor humidifier is used to regulate the relative humidity. There are a variety of humidifiers to choose from, including crystals, bags, beads, and electronic models. There are a variety of humidor models to choose from depending on your usual collection of cigars. While crystals, bags, and beads work well in desktop humidors, the electronic variant is best suited for larger humidors. Your cigar collection will remain safe and sound if you get the finest cigar humidifier.

To help you narrow down your search for the best cigar humidifiers, here are a few pointers:

Electric Humidifiers

An excellent cigar humidifier can humidify anywhere from fifty to a few thousand cigars at a time! To wet the air within the humidor with the electronic humidifier, water is stored in cartridges that are included with the humidifier. Some of them even have sensors built right in.

Fan Humidifiers

Once a rapid reduction in humidity is detected, the humidifier will engage its fan to disperse the dehydration. As a result, when the sensors detect the correct humidity level, the fan will be turned off. However, when it comes to selecting a humidifier, be sure to go with a model that works well with the chosen humidor.

Foam Humidifiers

Foam humidifiers are the most common type and the oldest type of humidifier used for cigars. An absorbent phenolic foam is used to make this sort of humidifier. To get water to the foam’s surface, it uses capillary action, releasing it over a long period. This humidifier, however, has to be replaced after six to twelve months of use.

Humidifiers Made of Crystals and Gel

When they get wet, the basic crystal gel-based humidifiers break down into small crystals that turn into a gel in the end. It means that if you add distilled water, the crystals turn into a gel. This is a much better choice than the electronic model that needs to be replaced every 12 to 24 months. They also don’t need much care.

Beads Humidifiers

A Bead humidifier is made up of silica beads that can absorb and release moisture depending on how humid the room is. The humidifier has to be refilled with distilled water once every one to two months for the beads to continue to function properly. The dots need to be replaced every year because the humidifiers tend to soak up some of the oils from the cigars, which makes the cigars less good.

A quality cigar humidifier will maintain the ideal amount of humidity in a humidor for the storage of cigars. When looking for a humidifier, you should take into consideration the dimensions of your humidor, the number of cigars you own, and the amount of money you have available. We hope that the information presented here has assisted you in narrowing down your options and selecting the one that best suits your needs.

By Manali