Many of you may wonder as to how much is Honda accord insurance cost per year but you might be surprised to know that it is only slightly higher than the average national car insurance rates by $21. The average insurance rates provided for Honda Accord are around $1,588 per year, $794 for a 6 months policy or $ 132 per month. But the premium charged may also depend a lot on the trim levels that you are trying to get insured. Accordingly, the hybrid Honda Accord model will be the cheapest to insure than other higher range models. There are many factors that go into the premium calculation exercise and it is important that you know them before you start exploring your options. Such a move may help you in making an informed decision on your auto insurance purchase. 

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Insurers calculate Honda accord insurance rates by taking into account the driver’s age, gender, type and make/model of the vehicle that is to be insured, deductible, past driving record and the status of credit profile. The below mentioned table may give you some idea regarding how car insurance rates provided for the Honda Accord vary by driver’s age and deductible. 

Driver Age                     Deductible Amount                  Yearly Insurance Rates 

20                                               $250                                              $3,706       

                                                   $500                                              $3,182

                                                $1,000                                              $2,690

30                                               $250                                              $1,962        

                                                    $500                                             $1,678

                                                 $1,000                                             $1,402

40                                               $250                                              $1,852        

                                                    $500                                             $1,588

                                                 $1,000                                              $1,338

50                                                $250                                              $1,686        

                                                    $500                                              $1,450

                                                 $1,000                                              $1,224

60                                                $250                                              $1,656        

                                                    $500                                              $1,424

                                                 $1,000                                               $1,202

Teen drivers pay the highest Accord insurance rates as is seen in the above table. But the premiums can also vary greatly depending on the state in which you live. While a liability-only policy could be the cheapest option, in states like Los Angeles, teen drivers might have to pay as high as $12,940 for a full coverage car policy.   

Besides, here are few things which you need to know about Honda accord insurance rates before you start researching your options.

1. High-risk drivers can expect to pay significantly more than those drivers that have good driving records. For example, a 50 year old driver may have to pay $1,894 more per year for Honda Accord coverage if he/she has DUI/DWI convictions, multiple at-fault accidents or serious traffic violations on driving record. 

2. Driver’s age and gender can play a pivotal role in determination of premium rates for a Honda Accord car cover. For example, a 20 year old male driver may have to pay $3,182 per year and a female driver of the same age will be required to pay only $2,348 yearly for driving the same type and make of Honda Accord car. Thus, there is a difference of $834 per year but the difference will narrow down with passing age. A 50 year old driver will pay $1,450 yearly while a female driver of the same age will pay $1,420 for accord insurance, the difference being only $20.        

3. The yearly cost of Honda accord insurance coverage will increase substantially if there are two or more at-fault accidents on your driving record. So, make sure that you take up a defensive driver’\s training course as it will help you in avoiding getting into accidents on road. 

4. Most of the insurers provide premium discounts to eligible drivers. You must check your eligibility to receive a discounted insurance package as it will enable you to save few hundred dollars on premium.

5. Companies may also offer a special discount on premium to educators/teachers, policemen, fire fighters, doctors, architects, scientists, farmers, military members, etc. It is possible to save an extra $48 to $159 on premium if you qualify for this discount on premium. 

6. Average yearly Honda accord insurance cost for teen drivers in the age group 16 to 18 is the highest and the most expensive among all categories of drivers. The following data will give you some vital information about the same.

Driver Age                                       Yearly insurance rates  

16                                                                 $5,732

17                                                                 $5,366   

18                                                                  $5,012

7. Premiums can be lowered by choosing higher deductibles as mentioned earlier. So, it is important that you talk to a competent local agent to decide the right course of action for saving money. We may help you to fix free consultation with a certified and highly experienced local agent. 

Auto insurance rates are prone to change every few months. Learn more about the latest insurance rates and coverage features as well limits for Honda Accord by consulting our expert. Just contact us online today! can assist you to find the best cheap car insurance for teachers and other professionals as well as teen and young drivers for Honda Accord at the right price online through a process that is absolutely simple, easy and hassle-free. Take advantage of our online specialist services online to secure a solution that specifically caters to your driving needs and fits your budget. 

By Manali