In the past few years, we have seen a rise in mental health awareness. As more and more people discuss it globally, many people are now finding a cure to this ailment and considering it as important as any other physical illness. 

As therapy and medication are two of the most common ways of treating depression and anxiety, CBD has also been doing rounds in this regard. It claims to help relieve depression and anxiety. CBD is purported to have a bunch of perks for one’s health along with psychoactive effects too. This is why several studies do suggest that it can play a crucial role in fighting depression. 

But before you start looking for 1500mg CBD oil or a capsule that helps relieve anxiety; it is time to get some facts straight. 

How is CBD Beneficial for Depression?

Although there are several claims that CBD is extremely beneficial for depression and can help relieve stress and anxiety, it is important to understand what it has to offer. Moreover, the research is still limited and medical experts are planning further studies to build relevance with the said claims. 

Based on other studies, CBD does alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms. How does this happen? 

CBD communicates with the serotonin receptors of the human brain, which are responsible for the regulation of moods. Thus, when it interacts with these receptors, CBD can boost feelings of happiness and well-being. The majority of the anti-depressants function in the same way, by enhancing the serotonin levels of the human brain. 

Research done in 2018, stated that CBD does not boost serotonin levels. It influences the brain to reach the available serotonin in the human body. This is why it is often recommended as a safer antidepressant as well. Another study stated that it has a very evident anti-stress effect, contributing to happiness and relaxation. 

Although the research and studies are limited, users do claim that they feel calm and relaxed after consuming CBD. 

How to Take CBD? 

CBD is now available in various forms. From oil to chewable candies and from gummies to capsules; CBD has taken over the current market massively. It is also available for topical usage through lotions, balms, and creams. Moreover, e-liquids are also gaining quite a lot of fame recently. However, they are not yet claimed to be much safe to use as vaping isn’t a friendly medium to inhale CBD. 

Possible Side Effects 

There aren’t any worse side effects yet recorded with the use of CBD. however, you might experience mood swings, dizziness, and appetite changes. As stated before, these side effects are not usually experienced. They are extremely rare and not many cases have been recorded yet. 


To conclude it all; there is more study and research required to be 100% confident that CBD is a great solution for depression. Where it does alleviate the symptoms and helps you manage stress greatly; in more complex situations, this might not be the best bet.

By Manali