"Alone" Movie Review

“Alone” – A Masterpiece in Indian Cinema

“Alone” is the latest film from director Shaji Kailas, starring the iconic Indian actor Mohanlal in the lead role. The film tells the story of a man who is forced to confront his past and the demons that have haunted him for years. With its powerful performances, breathtaking cinematography, and expert direction, “Alone” is a film that is not to be missed.


  • The use of lighting and camera angles effectively sets the mood for each scene and immerses the audience in the story.
  • The film’s visuals are not just pleasing to the eye but also serve a narrative purpose. They help to convey the protagonist’s emotional journey and the story’s themes in a powerful way.

Performance of Mohanlal

  • Mohanlal gives an incredible performance as the lead character.
  • He seamlessly transitions from scenes of raw emotion to moments of subtle nuance, displaying a range that is nothing short of extraordinary.
  • His portrayal of the character is both moving and relatable, and it’s clear that he poured his heart and soul into the role.

Supporting Cast

  • The supporting cast also deserves recognition for their strong performances.
  • Each character adds depth and complexity to the story, and the chemistry between the actors is palpable.
  • Their performances compliment and enhance the lead actor’s portrayal and add to the overall impact of the film.


  • The soundtrack of “Alone” is another standout element of the film.
  • The music adds an additional layer of depth and feeling to the already powerful storytelling.
  • The musical score perfectly complements the film’s emotional journey, adding to the already intense viewing experience.


  • “Alone” is a film that showcases exceptional storytelling, masterful direction, and powerhouse performances.
  • It is a true masterpiece in Indian cinema that will leave a lasting impact on audiences.
  • The film’s themes are universal and relatable and its performances are nothing short of extraordinary.
  • It’s a film that is sure to be remembered as one of the greatest in Indian cinema.

By Manali