Did you know that more than 1.5 billion disposable pens are lost or tossed in the trash each year? 

Pens and other office stationery can find their way into the trash, although accidental, they can leave your supplies closet empty. 

If you want to help your staff be prepared to conquer each day, you need to supply them with all the tools needed to get the job doneā€”no matter how small they are. 

Keep reading to discover the most essential stationery items that your office should have in stock at all times! 

1. Bindings for Paper 

One of the most essential stationery items you want to order is paper bindings.

There are a variety of ways to bind paper, so you may want to consider how your staff like to get things done. Staplers, paper clips, and binder clips are essential at work. You wouldn’t want to present a meeting with a stack of loose papers, they would become lost and disorganized.

Paper bindings help organize work, which will make your company more efficient and successful. If your staff manages a lot of projects, you can also use binders with colored dividers. Check https://legalsupply.com/bottom-tab-dividers/ for some of the best tab dividers around! 

After you order these items, you should also add a staple remover to your list for any mistakes or adaptations. 

2. Scissors & Hole Punchers 

Although your staff won’t be crafting on the job (unless they are educators, caretakers, or artists), you will need scissors and hole punches.

Scissors come in handy more than you realize and you don’t want to find your team in the position of searching for the last pair. Get rid of old and useless scissors that couldn’t cut a tie and replace them with right and left-handed adult options.

You may need to cut cards and promo materials during the workday. Unless it’s a large enough project to visit a stationery store, a cheap pair will work. 

Hole punchers are another necessity, especially if your team works with binders and project books. Staff can preserve documents by properly hole-punching them and placing them in a protected folder. 

3. Paper Products 

If your office doesn’t have printing paper, envelopes, and sticky notes, you will have a hard time with simple tasks. 

Instead of quickly labeling and mailing an envelope at work, you’d have to visit the post office or store for materials. This can become an issue if you need to get something out overnight. If you want your team to be prepared, you should stock your supplies closet with a variety of styles of printing paper and other paper products. 

Jotting down notes and remembering tasks is much simpler when you have a small note to reference. Your team may become less forgetful if you put a pad at each desk and encourage staff to use them. 

4. Pens

You can never have enough pens in stock at the workplace. 

Between client meetings, marketing attempts, and distractions, pens get left all over the place. Instead of stressing about every pen that leaves the premises, order an ample supply when stock gets low. 

Keep red pens aside so that employees don’t accidentally grab one and have to resubmit a document. Most documents require black or blue ink. Depending on your office processes, you can order a variety of colors, just make sure staff know what they are used for. 

Try to avoid getting pens with felt tips and decorations. These features can impact the quality of the ink and bleed through important documents. If you want to take advantage of people losing pens, you can put your company name on the pen and customers can find you!

5. Desk Organizers 

There’s nothing worse than having clients come to the office only to discover a mess on your desk. 

To prevent feeling ashamed of your desk organization, you need to invest in stationery that will keep everything separate. Pen cups, paper clip holders, and drawer organizers are some of the basics that you need in your supplies closet. 

Your staff will appreciate these tools since they will make their desk more professional and neat. Desk organizers can make staff feel in better control and increase their confidence. 

6. Highlighters

Whether you’re dealing with onboarding, research, or team meetings, highlighters are essential.

Highlighters are important office supplies since they draw attention to important matters. Overlooking info in the workplace can stall projects and lead to dips in revenue. If you want your team to be organized and efficient, stock a variety of colors of highlighters in the closet.

If your team has a habit of losing or letting the highlighters dry out, use a sign-out sheet to monitor supplies. This will help make your team more conscious of how they use the tools and supplies you provide. 

You can streamline organization by designating certain highlighter colors for certain topics. 

Order Your Stationery Items & Get Work Done

If you want to check another project off your to-do list at work, you need to invest in stationery items.

These small items help keep the office organized and functioning. Without these simple tools, organization and communication would be a disaster. Put someone in charge of maintaining your office supplies so there aren’t any hold-ups. 

Your team can become more efficient and confident when they have all of the tools to be successful. 

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By Manali