4 Things To Get If You Are Having A Second Baby


Oct 25, 2022

Babies are lovely; they are cute, funny, and engage parents for a long time. New parents are always anxious about the safety and well-being of their young ones. However, the stress levels and anxieties become double if they are going to have a second baby. If one child is an infant and the other a toddler, then managing them needs significant planning. 

A newborn baby sleeps most of the time and cries whenever it feels any sort of discomfort. A toddler walks around the house and tries to explore new things. Handling these two age groups together can be done efficiently with the help of a few things like a double stroller.

Ways To Keep An Infant And A Toddler Happy

A Double Stroller

Kids like to spend time outside the house. Taking care of two children while visiting a park is quite stressful for parents. Hence a double stroller is a good option. If you have a single stroller instead of two strollers, then the parent’s attention need not be divided. 

A few things to keep in mind while purchasing a double stroller are its ease of maneuver, weight, etc. The frame should be light but sturdy. Lightweight frames are usually easy to fold. A double stroller can take up a lot of space; hence a compact folded structure is essential. Also, the folding mechanism should be such that it easily fits in the back of a car after folding. 

When buying a double stroller, the material and the weight that it can handle should take into consideration for both children. Also, some children grow faster than their siblings; hence the growth rate of each child should be considered. The shade on the stroller should be such that it protects both the children in case of a tandem stroller.

The stroller handle should be positioned in such a way that a parent can quickly move both the strollers with little effort. Also, when buying a double stroller side-by-side or in tandem, depending upon the specific needs. 

A Baby Bouncer Chair

A baby bouncer chair allows an infant to relax and gives the parent some free time. Purchasing a bouncer chair is essential because a parent will need some free time to look after their other child. 

A bouncer chair should be soft, comfortable, and inclined at an appropriate angle. If the baby is happy while it is on the bouncer, then it will like to spend time in it. An unforgettable bouncer chair does more harm than good. It makes the child irritable, and handling an agitated baby becomes a nightmare.

Child Monitoring Options

Children need to be under constant supervision. Giving constant attention to two young children at the same time can be pretty tiring. People have to be extra cautious if they have firearms in the house. A gun safe is a good option to keep guns away from children. A gun safe manufacturer uses reinforced steel, and the safes can be custom-made to be opened by biometric validation. Thus, with these safes, accidental injuries are kept at bay when a household has many children.

CCTV cameras help parents keep a close eye on a child’s activities. However, when there are two children, a CCTV camera should be purchased with a monitor that can quickly pan between two rooms. Thus, the parent can focus on a sleeping infant and then pay attention to the busy toddler in the very next moment.

Fun Elements For Both The Children

When there are two children of different ages, they need to play and bond well. Buying board games or toys with small parts is not safe for small children who can swallow the pieces. Buying a two-passenger cycle is a good option. With these cycles, the infant can sit on the passenger seat. The toddler can take his younger sibling for a ride. These cycles are well balanced, so the chances of falls are minimal. 

Also, children of all age groups love lights. If both the kids share a room, decorating the walls with colorful LED light strip designs will make the children love their room. LED SMD 3528 is bright, convenient to use, and cost-effective. Also, these chips glow slightly less intensely than LED SMD 5050; hence they will not be too bright for the children’s eyes. 


Having two babies within a narrow timespan can have many benefits. The kids will have constant companionship at home. Moreover, most of the things used by the first kid can be used by the second. Toys, clothes, and cribs can pass on to the younger sibling when the older one has no use for them. The most significant cause of concern with two kids is giving them equal attention and ensuring their safety. Making careful purchases can solve this problem and make parents and kids happy.

By Manali