Did you know that 37.5 million played golf in the U.S. in 2021?

Golf can teach us a lot about life. Whether discipline, patience, or perseverance, golf can be the caretaker of many moral attributes. People have learned many common beginner golf mistakes and how to avoid them.

Read below to learn common beginner golf mistakes. 

1. Not Focusing On Proper Stance

A common beginner mistake when playing golf is not focusing on proper stance. An adequate stance expands your range of motion and strengthens your base, creating consistency in your shots.

To avoid this mistake, ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart and parallel. When you go to place your club on the ground, turn your feet slightly outward. You should then be able to sink into your hips for even weight distribution.

2. Choosing the Wrong Clubs

Many beginners make the mistake of thinking that different golf clubs can be used for any occasion. This is not true, and choosing the wrong clubs can do a lot of damage to a golfer’s confidence and technique.

Just like any other activity, golf requires a certain amount of gear that is specific to the individual. Different golfers will need various clubs based on their height, strength, and swing, which can significantly affect their game. To avoid this mistake, it is essential to take the time to be correctly fitted with a set of clubs, and if you need help, be sure to visit https://trugolf.com/.

3. Dealing With Power Cart Issues

Common beginner golf mistakes when dealing with power cart issues include forgetting to shut it off before jumping out, not putting the parking brake on when parked, and hitting the cart with a club. All of these mistakes can potentially cause serious damage.

To avoid these beginner golf mistakes, it is essential to turn the power switch off before leaving the cart, make sure to apply the parking brake when stopping, and do not use a club to hit the cart. It is also important to not overexert the cart and keep an eye on the speedometer. 

4. Failing to Warm Up Properly

Failing to warm up properly is one of the most common beginner golf mistakes. Warming up is essential as it prepares the body for the golf session and prepares the muscles and joints to ensure they work correctly.

A good warm-up will involve stretching exercises, light jogging, and dynamic movement like golf swings and stretching before and after each hole. To ensure you’re adequately warmed up, it is also essential to include hip and shoulder rotations, leg swings, and practice swings. 

5. Limiting Practice Time

Limiting practice time can be a common beginner mistake in golf. With less time to practice, a beginner golfer may not develop or understand the basics of weekly golf lessons.

To avoid this mistake, set a specific amount of practice time and use it. Even on days with limited time, focus on the basics such as sighting lines, grip, stance, posture, and address position. 

Beginner Golf Mistakes to Avoid

Golf is a challenging yet rewarding sport when done correctly. Beginners should remember to work on posture and grip, focus on the target and resist the urge to look up too soon. Practicing and seeking advice from a professional can also help you avoid common beginner golf mistakes and develop your game further.

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By Manali