Product management needs someone who is articulate about what they want and how they want it. They need to be visionaries that can see solutions to problems people did not know existed. 

For example, stairs have been used for centuries, but escalators everywhere now are a new invention. Someone must have thought about moving stairs. That would be the first role of a product manager- to be a visionary. There are many hats a product manager has to wear:

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  1. Engineering: 

It does not have to be a completely original design of a product no one has seen before. It needs to be a creative solution to any design problem. Some many tools and gadgets quickly move off the shelf for being difficult to use. Maybe all that product needs is a different type of handle. 

  • Sales and Marketing: 

No, you do not need a degree in all these courses in order to be a product manager. Neither do you have to take care of the on-ground progress of the product. However, you must clearly articulate the intention of the product you are trying to build. This is of great help to the people who will then proceed to work on this product’s marketing launch, etc.,. You are the ideational and creative end of this project, but the work needs to be spelled out to everyone else in the chain. 

  • Research: 

The most important aspect of your job is conducting extensive research. You cannot make a good product without knowing what exactly the people actually want to use. You also need to conduct technical research- the problems faced with such gadgets before and so much more.   

What should your focus be on UI vs UX?

When it comes to UI vs UX, then, it is a very confusing question. UI or user interface is definitely a term you have come across, especially when you are out in the market for a new website, phone, or laptop. This term explains to people how the layout of a phone would be and how easy it would be for a layman with no technical knowledge to be. 

This is important to consider when trying to cater to a global market. UX, on the other hand, takes care of the interactive aspects of the website or product. It will try to give you the best experience you have with the product. However, UX design becomes important to product management as they are concerned with products that are not only online but also physically tangible in nature. You are also concerned with how the customer interacts with the product you have created. Something as simple as a product’s color can be off-putting for many. It will be your responsibility to consider all these aspects when you actually start creating a gadget. Many product management courses in India will teach you how to engage with these problems and develop meaningful solutions.

By Manali