Homes for human habitation would definitely invite a host of pests. This is not strange because of the various materials that are available in any structure for human habitation, such as woods, papers, food items, clothing materials, etc.

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Where numerous pests attack human homes, you should know those top and common pests that you most likely have to prepare to combat.

Read on below for an analysis of the top ten of them.

1. Termites

Termites are first in rank of all pests that damage home properties faster. They eat 24/7 and so cause costly damages.

The signs of termite damage include wood dust, tiny pellets inside and outside your house, and sagging woods or floor.

2. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny and red-colored pests. Bed bugs can cause serious health issues and discomfort while you sleep due unbeknownst itching on your skin.

If you notice a can’t-explain itching on your body, try to look around your bed corners for this tiny insect. They lay thousands of eggs, like 1000 eggs at a time; hence, they increase very fast, so they need to be controlled at a very early stage.

3. Ants

There are various ants. Some cause damage similar to termites and some sting humans. Hence, their presence is always harmful to man and its properties. Look out for what causes noise within walls if you detect any to identify ants’ presence.

4. Bee

Likewise, there are varieties of bees, such as honey bees, wasps,  hornet

carpenter bees, and yellow jackets. Yellowjackets can eat through walls because of their aggressiveness. Wasps are another that sting aggressively and their bite would require the attention of professional healthcare.

5. Squirrels

Squirrels are non-insect pests that are destructive. Squirrels’ sharp teeth can destroy electric cables and other belongings if let inside the home. They can bite and destroy facial boards and PVC pipes also.

Squirrels’ presence in and around your home can invite other pests like mites and ticks, and they are known to be commonly responsible for rabies.

6. Rats And Mice

Rats do damage just like squirrels do. However, rats are often found in homes, especially around your kitchen and every room where food is kept.

Rats can poison your food items by peeing them. Rats and mice also cause serious diseases in men.

7. Roaches

Roaches’ presence in your home is damaging and constitutes nuances like causing dirty homes and stains on your belongings.

Roaches poison food items especially soups by throwing themselves inside. Their presence also causes your house to smell.

8. Fruit Flies

Fruit flies love to come around rotten fruits and any fermented food items. They grow and reproduce quickly. One can lay up to 500 eggs and hatch them in a day.

Fruit flies can also contaminate open-cut onions, making your home look dirty and smelling and open to disease infection.

9. Fleas

Fleas are tiny insects that bite and give severe pains, causing serious discomfort.

10. Spiders

These pests lay eggs in abundance very rapidly. Some of them bite, and their bite is responsible for health issues. Examples of biting spiders are Brown recluse spiders and black widows.

By Manali