Skills And Opportunities You’ll Get In A BCA Program


Dec 8, 2022

The IT industry witnesses growth in leaps every year. This is generating a demand for well-trained professionals with knowledge of computers. A technical degree like a Bachelor of Computer Applications or BCA is the perfect degree to break into the industry.

Universities like KK Modi University (KKMU) have applicants come in thousands every year for their BCA degree. What do these students do after graduation? What skills do these students learn? Let us find out.

Skills BCA Students Learn

BCA courses are more than just theory and practical classes where students are learning how to code and about computer applications. They also learn some skills that are extremely helpful during a job search. Some of such skills are as follows.

Technical Knowledge: The first and most obvious skill that a BCA student learns is technical knowledge. The BCA degree is an introduction to computer applications and information technology. The course teaches both programming and grooming students to develop certain skills to be able to work in IT. Some topics that the BCA degree covers are graphics and animation, computer networks, database management and programming languages like JAVA. After graduation, students can pick one of these subjects to specialize in for their master’s degree.

Teamwork: IT jobs are done in a team. Usually, there are several programmers who work under a lead programmer or manager. Due to the nature of the work, one would have to talk with their colleagues and collaborate to get the job done. It is essential to be able to work in such situations. Knowing how to talk with everyone in a harmonious way to reach a common goal is important here. This is one skill that will only keep improving after working.

Problem-Solving AbilitiesBCA colleges in Chhattisgarh make it a point to teach their students problem-solving skills. Employers, especially, like to have employees who can stay calm and come up with quick solutions in times of need. Being able to solve problems efficiently with creativity and determination to get a problem solved are extensions of this skill. People with good problem-solving abilities are also able to look at an unexpected challenge analytically and confidently propose a solution.

Creativity: Creativity is often associated with being artistic but that is far from the truth. With programming job roles, a certain amount of creativity is essential. Creativity means the programmer can think outside of the box and create practical solutions. During a regular workday, there are numerous problems in the programme code and all the programmers come together to come up with a solution and look for the issue. For this and more, creativity is necessary.

Awareness of Industry Standards: BCA students get to practice on real-time cases and intern with companies where they practice their skills. As a result, they become quickly aware of what the industry is like and about the latest updates. They are, in turn, better prepared to start working after graduation. The only way to improve this skill is to work hands-on in the industry, network and interact with experts in the field.

BCA Jobs Opportunities

BCA graduates are eligible for a variety of job profiles. The final job one ends up with depends on the skills and experience of the individual. Some of the most popular jobs have been discussed in the short below.

Web Developer: A Web Developer is a person in charge of creating websites. They create not only the backend code of the website but also make sure it looks good with the right graphics and colours. Web Developing will thereafter work on troubleshooting errors and monitor the traffic coming into the website. Web Developers need to know HTML, XML and/or JavaScript for the coding portion of the work. It is due to the efforts of the web developer that users have a smooth time navigating the website. Graduates from any university in Chhattisgarh who work as Web Developers earn average salaries of INR 3,44,058 LPA.

Software Developer: Software Developers handle purely coding or programming job responsibilities. Employers have software developers creating custom software for different purposes. They also work on management and updating existing software. The best BCA colleges in India have their BCA graduates primarily working as Software Developers where they will work on a client-to-client basis. All work that the software developer does is put in a document for future reference. The average salary for this role is INR 5,51,195 LPA.

Data Scientist: Data is used and generated in all companies every day. What is needed is an expert to collect, clean and analyse this data to make it usable for different purposes. This is done by the Data Scientist. This is a role that requires knowledge of not just programming and IT but also statistics. Data Scientists work on both structured and unstructured data and arrange it in a usable format. Most of their work is done using machine learning algorithms and predictive models. Data Scientists earn around INR 8,74,113 LPA on average but can earn up to INR 20,00,000 LPA with experience.

Digital Marketer: Marketing is not only about creating creative marketing campaigns to attract a target customer group. There are also analytics and search engine optimization among others that need someone with knowledge of IT. Once a marketing campaign is launched, the Digital Marketer with a BCA degree will track its performance online. They will optimize the website to rank higher and perform better than their competition on the search engines which is called search engine optimization. An average Digital Marketing Manager makes an annual salary of INR 5,54,476 LPA.

Cyber Security Expert: The internet is not a safe space for kids, adults, and companies alike. There is always going to be a hacker who will find vulnerabilities in the system to steal information from. Towards this extent, a Cyber Security Expert is hired. This expert will find out holes in the security system before the hacker does and fix it. Their scope of work involves both hardware and software. Cyber Security Experts need to have the latest knowledge of IT to better perform this job and earn around INR 9,50,000 LPA.

System Analyst: System Analysts are individuals who will analyse an organization’s system and make recommendations on how to upgrade it. Their recommendations are made strictly per the client’s budget and requirements. The System Analyst will start out by analysing the existing system and thereafter create an entirely new system or upgrade the existing one. After launching the changes, the System Analyst will take feedback from the users as well. Employers offer around INR 6,58,418 LPA to System Analysts.


Most students are only aware of Engineering courses as the gateway to IT jobs. However, the BCA degree can help in the same regard. BCA students can work in analytical, programming and also IT administrative roles. Take help with the information here for the upcoming BCA admission 2022 season. Get enrolled in KK MODI University today, and get your dream job. 

By Manali