Is BA Hons a Professional Degree?


Dec 8, 2022

For students who are about to leave school and venture into college life, choosing the right degree is hard. Not only are there choices based on their stream but also on the type of degree. There are two types of degrees, professional and academic. Professional degrees refer to Engineering, Architecture and Medical Science degree where one is learning technical skills. But when we talk about art courses like BA Hons, everyone has one question about it, is BA Hons a professional degree? 

In this article, we are going to tell you about the BA Hons course in a detailed version. 

Difference Between Professional Degrees and Academic Degrees

There are two major types of degrees that individuals can earn at all levels of education. They are academic degrees and professional degrees. Professional degrees are required to work in certain fields like medicine, engineering or law. These degrees are designed to teach students the essential practical skills to work in a specific profession. Professional degrees are usually for professions that require individuals to get a license to work in a field like medicine and architecture. There are both undergraduate and postgraduate professional degrees whose duration is slightly longer than academic degrees.

Academic degrees, on the other hand, are more theory or concept based. These are meant for candidates who are looking into going into higher education. The academic degree is merely proof that an individual has completed their required studies. Like with professional degrees, academic degrees do not need candidates to take a license to start working. Jobs are plenty and in a wide range of industries for academic degrees. For most academic degrees, the focus is to research. At the postgraduate level, students research and submit a thesis to earn their degree.

What is a BA Honors degree?

The BA Honors degree is short for a Bachelor of Arts. Per the name, it is an undergraduate degree for Arts for Humanities students. It is a popular choice for many students from not just Arts but also from Commerce and Science backgrounds. There is a general version of the BA Honors degree where students do not get the option to choose a concentration subject unlike with the form. The degree offers diversified concentration options from languages like Hindi and Sanskrit to subjects like Political Science, Psychology, History etc.

Over the course of three years, the BA honors student learns about foundation subjects like English, Languages, and Management. During the final years of the degree, students choose electives or specialisations for more niche studies. Some of the best arts colleges in Bhopal and India offer their BA honours degree in both full-time modes, part-time and even online modes. Mansarovar Global University is one of the best universities to pursue BA Hons courses. This is quite a versatile and flexible degree that students can use as a base degree for higher education after graduation. Admissions are primarily on the merit basis of the previous qualifying examination. However, some universities could ask for an entrance test score for admissions.

Is BA Honors a professional degree?

In theory, the BA Honors degree is not a professional degree. It is an academic degree where students learn about the theoretical aspects of a subject and not the practical aspects. With professional degrees, students must have certain practical skills to start working in a profession, which is not the same as academic degrees. BA honors students also do not need to earn a license to work in their chosen field. The type of jobs open to a BA Honors graduate is also different from a professional degree holder. BA Honors students generally are eligible to apply to several types of jobs in different industries and companies, limited only to the individual’s passions and interests.

BA Honors Scope

As mentioned, BA Honors degrees are meant for students to choose a higher education degree. The BA Honors degree holder can apply to different types of humanities and social sciences courses for their postgraduate offering. Students can even switch careers by applying for degrees in different fields or preparing for civil examinations to become eligible for jobs in the public sector.

Popularly, most choose to opt for the Master of Arts or MA degree where one again chooses a Humanities subject to concentrate on. Students will usually choose the same concentration they had at their bachelor’s level degree. This allows them to pursue a career in academics or research later on.

Management degrees like the MBA or Masters of Business Administration is another well-liked choice. This degree allows students to work in managerial positions at companies. The good news here is that MBA degrees offer concentrations that are suitable for a Humanities student like Human Resource Management and Hospitality Management. The LLB degree is a perfect option for BA honors students to make a career switch. This is an intensive degree but allows students to work for themselves by helping clients navigate legal situations.

BA Honors Jobs

BA honors students can apply to any type of entry-level job within the spectrum of their studies. This is evident by the placement records at most BA honours colleges in Bhopal and India. For reference, elaborated in short, below are some jobs that most BA honors students choose.

Content Writer: Content writers can work on both freelance or full-time basis with companies where they will essentially be creating written pieces. Their written work is published on the companies’ website, blog, social media and more. Content writers generally choose a niche area for their work and earn around INR 2,88,908 LPA.

Event Management: Many students from several top private university in Bhopal and India work in event management. Either with a company or as an entrepreneur, Event Managers organise different private and corporate events. From décor to catering, every detail is managed by the Event Manager for which they earn around INR 4,79,074 LPA.

Teaching: Many colleges require a candidate with a BA Honors degree to also have a postgraduate degree. At times a national-level exam score is also necessary to teach at public colleges. Indian professors make monthly salaries of INR 41,471 regardless of experience.

Marketing: Marketing jobs are about creating marketing plans and projects to promote the sales of a company’s products and services. At the entry level, most marketing jobs involve researching the market and target customer base. For BA honors just getting into marketing, the average salary is INR 3,90,028 LPA.

Customer Care: Customer care jobs have no specific requirements for individuals to be from a certain background. All one needs is good communication skills and an ability to convince people. A Customer Care Representative at entry level can earn around INR 2,10,571 LPA.


Even though the BA honors degree is not a professional degree, it offers just as much future scope in terms of jobs and higher education. It allows students to explore their interests and choose a subject based on their career goals. One would be assured to have a high paid job with long-term sustainability. To get the best job opportunities in the field of BA Hons, enrol today in MGU and get your BA Hons degree. 

By Manali