More information about how the Paraulògic works game

Although the mechanics of this game are straightforward, they can be difficult to grasp. The user is given seven letters and must place them in six blue hexagons and one red hexagons, similar to cells in a beehive. It would help if you found as many words from these letters as possible, as they contain the letter in red central hexagon. The terms must have at least three letters. It is possible to repeat the same letters grant. Daily, the combination of letters changes so that there are always new possible words. Each combination includes, upside-down, a term that incorporates all of them, which RodaMots calls “tuti.”

Paraulogic uses a system that gives as the user gains points for entering new words. Points awarded are directly proportional to the length of the total number of word which will determine how more points you can earn. Three letters are worth one point, four letters give two, and five letters earn the same amount of points. The “tuti”, which award ten points, are added to the points already awarded. The “tuti”, which award ten points, are added to points for the number letters. A “tuti”, for seven letters, would be, for example worth seventeen points . As points are earned, the user will move up the greatest paralogical achievement levels in the game. First, there’s a chick, then a dove, then a duck, then a swan, then an owl, and finally an eagle.

What are some ways to practice Catalan? One of these is the Paraulogic game.

Today’s Paraulogic was designed by Rodamots and allowed us to create dozens of words each day using seven letters. However, sometimes we have only six letters when making words. You need to follow a few rules to do it right.

Words must contain at least three letters

All words must contain the middle letter (red)

The new word/words cannot be used to represent proper names

Verbs are only accepted in infinitive forms.

We must use accented words without accents.

This game’s beauty is its ability to reveal the meaning of a word by simply beeping it. This means that we can not only get a score for correct words but also raise our levels to expand our linguistic knowledge.

Important to remember is that the game’s rules change every morning at 1:01 AM. This means that the word combinations and word formation options are updated each morning. Paraulogic also offers a solution session. We can find all words made from same letter found in the previous game by pressing the “Yesterday Solutions” button.

We can also look at Paraulogics solutions if we don’t mind waiting. This page contains all the Paraulologic words and “tutis.” The comments made from all-day letters are called “tutis.”

A game for teachers, language guides, and learners

There are currently a few virtual tools that can be used to learn and teach Catalan, including the Pica Lletres mobile app, Online Dictation, and the Posa’ls application (to practice weak pronouns).

These teaching resources make language volunteering sessions and Catalan classes more enriching. They promote a dynamic learning style that is accessible to all learners. Paraulogic is primarily aimed at learners of Catalan who have basic knowledge (A2). The lexical richness of the game, on the other hand, is ideal for teachers, native Catalan speakers, and learners of proficiency (C1) or above (C2).

A short history of the Paraulologic

The Paraulogic game, launched in 2021 by Jordi Palaou, who is also responsible for creating the Rodamots newsletter, was created. Since its release, the game has been revolutionized by American Spelling Bee. Its simplicity and addictive ability to solve daily language problems are the reasons for its success.

Paraulogic has received thousands of visits each day up to now. Paraulogic also offers its most dexterous players new features from time to time. For example, you can now play in dark mode. Jordi Palou and Vilaweb columnist Pau Vidal have recently published El llibre del Paraulogic. This book contains several riddles as well as linguistic curiosities. The work also includes special Paraulogics (there are ninety) and small tips on how to play Paraulogic.

By Manali