Carrom is considered to be one of the most playful and fun games that one can enjoy. With the influx of online gaming companies, one can easily play the game of carrom through online websites. Intending to earn maximum points and beat one’s opinion, carrom involves understanding various shots and tricks. With the use of the striker, one is required to hit every piece into the net that can help in earning points. Immense practice and understanding of the game are essential however knowledge about certain carrom tricks can prove to be beneficial for the players as well.

Gamezy iOS app for carrom is also made available that one can download on one’s device for playing the game from anywhere. We have listed certain tricks and shots that can help you in earning the maximum points and there for playing the online carrom game with greater efficiency. These are as follows:

1. Back shot:

Considered one of the trickiest carrom shorts, the back shot involves striking a piece that is in the opposite direction of the striker. The opposite side of the board is struck which helps in changing the direction of the striker and therefore enabling hitting the piece into the net.

2. Double shot:

The double shot involves striking the piece which is in the centre of the board. The player strikes the striker with such a force that can help in changing the direction of the piece by striking the same on the opposite side of the board. This helps in earning a point as the piece rebounds and goes into the pocket.

3. Second hit:

As evident from the name, the second hit involves hitting the piece with the help of a striker which further helps in striking another piece that is close to the pocket. A double shot is created that can help in earning a point through simultaneous two shots. In rare cases, the two pieces can go into the pocket at the same time through this shot as well.

4. Middle shot:

Played at the beginning of the game when all the pieces are in the centre, the two adjacent pieces are hit by the striker. This helps in moving the pieces in the opposite direction and therefore enables in earning a point as they go into the pocket. Two pieces can be pocketed at the same time through the use of the shot.

5. Alley-oop:

Useful in cases of multiplayer online chess games, the trick shot involves creating a chance for a team member to score a point. A carrom piece is hit in such a way that can help in clearing the ground and therefore enabling the team member to score the point with complete convenience.

Carrom tricks serve as the best and most reliable options for individuals who wish to win. These, however require continuous practice. To master the same, one can make use of online carrom games and applications which offers flexibility to players to enjoy the game and therefore improve their tricks shots from anywhere. 

By Manali