Anger is one of the normal emotional feelings we feel due to how we interpret a particular situation around us, either with an employer or co-employees. Read more on Anaheim personal injury lawyer.

Anger severity can range from mild to loss of temper. 

When one gets angry to the extent of losing a temper in a workplace, accidents can be caused, which include costly mistakes to an official task or even physical domestic injuries.

Read below for the analysis of how anger brings about accidents.

1. Risk-taking Due To Carelessness

When one is angry, there is less attention to details and precautions required to handle machinery, paperwork, or any other task that requires one’s total attention.

As an angry person, the focus is lost and things are handled roughly often as opposed to how they are meant to be handled. Consequently, the angered person is prone to take uncalculated risks, which leads to costly mistakes in the workplace.

2. Physical Violent attack

An angry person is most likely to begin lashing out at people around them. It can even lead to throwing things and tearing up. This can lead to physical accidents or injuries.

3. Poor Decision Making

Making poor decisions at work is linked to anger. When we are angry, we are most likely to make decisions on impulse. And any impulsive decision is often a poor decision.

The result of poor decisions is always unsatisfactory because of the presence of multiple errors.

4. Poor Communication

When we are angry, it often shows in the sounds of our speech. This is because an angry person tends to communicate with emotional outbursts. And the scene could even be irritating and unpleasant to watch if the angered person is trying hard to repress the anger.

All the unpleasant elements around this type of emotion open the angry one to accidents due to misunderstanding.

5. Distractions

An angry person would most likely be distracted because of his/her unbalanced emotion.

Distraction as a result of impaired emotion distracts one from listening logically or attentively to a warning from the external environment consisting of work peers and authorities.

As a result of a lack of attention to warnings, especially to potential harms, looming accidents can break out.

6. Lack of interest

Angry workers are prone to tardiness that would bring about being absent from work from time to time.

When the expected workers are not available, there would be a shortage of workforce to handle tasks on the ground. And this can lead to poor performance which could bring about accidents.

7.  Backbiting and Rumors Spreading

Angry workers would often be found backbiting about co-workers, a supervisor, or an employer whom they are not satisfied with.

This situation could lead to accidents because of the lack of a peaceful environment.

Another area that can cause accidents is when people tend to hold onto the rumors available all around them. With the rumors, they tend to lack facts and rather make decisions with false information.

For example, a gossiping worker might end up quitting work after frequent gossip about co-workers and employers.

However, if the angry worker had taken a rest and communicated his feelings with the victims of his anger, the situation would be arrested at its best.

8. Tension Among People Around

An angry person could appear irritating and could cause wrinkling in people’s hearts thereby forming tension. And this situation leads to a lack of appropriate attention to the execution of tasks.

People are startled at the tearing up of an angry one, thereby making them lose concentration on what they do.

In this way, accidents could be caused as other workers’ productivity drops.

By Manali