Ready to dip your toes in the pool? Before making any significant decisions about your collection, it’s essential to get the facts straight.

Misconceptions and urban legends often circulate the topic of swimming pools and water safety. But none of this makes sense when you look at research and studies. 

Are you interested in dispelling the most common swimming pool myths? If YES, then keep reading.

Chemicals Used to Clean the Pool Are Dangerous

Contrary to this widespread belief, chemicals used to clean the pool are not as dangerous as they are perceived. The chlorine content in the pool provides a level of sanitation that prevents bacterial buildup and other infectious organisms that could cause harm. With proper safety precautions, there is no risk of being poisoned by the chemicals.

Even in cases of excessive exposure, the treatable side effects are minor and short-lived. It’s essential to keep in mind that the chances of any medical issues arising are unlikely and that you should feel free to enjoy your residential pools without any fear or hesitation.

Maintenance Is Difficult

Contrary to popular belief, pool maintenance is actually quite simple and doesn’t require extensive knowledge or experience. All that is needed is essential tools, a pool cover, a test kit, chemicals, and a water pump. With this, one can clean their pool regularly, regularly change their water, and maintain their chemicals to ensure a healthy and safe environment for swimmers.

Pool maintenance is achievable by anyone who is willing to take the time to learn the basics and commit to keeping up with it. Moreover, with the right equipment and knowledge, pool maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive, as it is sometimes portrayed. If you want to own the best swimming pools in your area, you can shop for pools here.

Chlorine Turns Your Skin and Hair Green

The truth is that chlorine alone cannot turn your skin and hair green. Many factors have to come together to cause a green color, such as the pH of the water, chlorine oxidation or reduction, copper or other metals in the water, and the exposure time to the water.

It is likely that any green tint experienced is due to copper in the water and copper binding to chlorine. If you notice your skin and hair turning green, try swimming in a new pool or change the amount of chlorine in the water, as it might be too high and it’s reacting with other metals, such as copper ions, to produce the tint.

Know Some of the Swimming Pool Myths Today

It is safe to say that swimming pools are not as dangerous or harmful as many perceive them to be. With these swimming pool myths debunked, your family can now enjoy swimming pools without any fear of the myths being proven true. Contact your local swimming pool contractor today to learn more about how you can maintain a safe and healthy pool environment for your family. 

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By Manali