Myths are everywhere. Theories and funny assumptions have always circulated in mankind. Myths related to technology appeared along with the first smartphones and are still walking in society. It’s time to debunk them and stop being afraid to leave your phone on charge at night or remove magnets from your laptop.

Magnet Near Computer Can Erase Data

To erase data from a hard drive, you need an extremely powerful magnet, which is hardly just lying around on your balcony. Souvenir magnets do not pose any danger, so you can stop going around the refrigerator a mile away.

Higher the Screen Resolution the Better

Chances are you won’t notice a difference in screen resolution even if you’re warned that there is one. The human eye can catch it only up to a certain point, but the brightness is a much more significant parameter.

It is Not Necessary to Turn off the Computer Every Day

If you are not lazy and turn off the computer every evening instead of simply putting it into sleep mode, then the load on the electronics will decrease. So, contrary to popular belief, it not only does not harm the device but, on the contrary, prolongs its life.

Higher the Mobile Signal Strength, the Better the Connection

Many are sure that if there are a lot of bars showing the signal level, then the connection will be good. In fact, this only shows the proximity to the tower, and many more factors affect the quality of communication. 

The same can be said about Internet connection when you are using cellular data. To debunk the myth you can visit the 22Bet casino website and compare it with a standard connection. There will be no obvious difference and you will quickly notice it. 

Data From the Cloud Might be Erased

In fact, the data in the cloud always has a copy, and if something happens, it will be quickly restored. So it’s more likely to be afraid of the data on the computer. Cloud is safe, and unless you do something manually, it will be stored there for good. 

Mobile Phones Cause Brain Cancer

There are no studies to support this claim. And the myth appeared when scientists found out that cellular radiation is absorbed by the tissues of the human body. Of course, it is still not recommended to put the phone near your head.

SIM Card Can’t Track Location

If you think that by buying a SIM card registered to another person, you will protect yourself from detection, then know that this is an erroneous opinion. If suddenly you get under surveillance, then they will track down the location of the device, and it doesn’t matter who bought the SIM card. Anything can be tracked, as soon as proper technology is involved.

Don’t Leave Your Phone Charging Overnight

The myth that the phone should not be left on charge all night so as not to damage the battery has long been debunked. Modern chargers do not produce this problem, because after the smartphone is fully charged, they stop charging.

Incognito Guarantees Complete Anonymity

If you carefully read what is written on the screen, you will know that privacy is only maintained by people using the same computer. The sites themselves and the provider see all your actions, remember this.

You Should not Charge iPhone with iPad Charger

Despite the fact that the official website says that the same charger can be used for both devices, it is believed that the iPhone battery will become unusable faster from this. But this will happen only if you do it regularly and for a sufficiently long time.

By Manali