Have you ever wondered why your website never ranks with all of the energy and creativity you put into it? Well, it just shows that you have probably not understood the power of on page SEO factors. Pages that rank consistently are those that have mastered the art and are maximizing these factors.

Do you want to find out what these on page factors are? Do you know what they are? In this article, you will find out what on page factors are and the factors themselves including their effect on your page. Stay glued to this article.

What Are On Page SEO Factors?

These are those basic things that you apply to your write ups that make them rank. Let’s paint a clearer picture of what it looks like. Have you ever made a meal without seasoning? How did it come out? Fine, you made the meal but it cannot be consumed at that point because the basic things have not been put in place. That is how it is for on page SEO factors. They are the missing ingredients in any page that does not rank.

What Are These Factors?


This is an acronym for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Google tends to recognize pages with these qualities in terms or content. If your content meets these three things then there is a tendency that your page ranks. This just indicates that you must be an expert at the game, have authority and your content must be trustworthy.

Visual representation

Do you think that your writings do not need any form of graphical or video representations? If you have been thinking that way then it is high time you come off that notion and begin adding visual representations to your writings.


These are very important too as it is what people search for. If you have no keyword then you probably might not be solving any problem. The idea behind keywords is to spot the problem and provide a solution to it at that instance through the keyword. Your keyword is just as important as the content itself.

SEO writing

This is where professionalism comes in again, writing with expertise and also writing to solve a problem as stated. Writing out of context does not make your article trustworthy, instead it just makes it look like no proper research was done and this way, your page would not rank.

Title tags

Do you write something without a title? No one does that! Writing without a title makes it look like a building without a roof. On having the idea of starting to write, the first thing that should be stated is your title which tells your reader what your write up is about.

Meta description

Don’t you want to give a snippet of what your article is about? Don’t you want to prepare your reader’s mind for what he/she is about to see? A meta description is a great tool to set the place for your reader and make him interested in what you have written.

By Manali