Do you want your email campaign to be more effective in converting click-throughs, open and conversions? To do this, you will need to be able to design emails. This infographic will show you seven tips for designing the perfect email marketing campaign.

Design Tips to Increase Your Open Rates

  1. A Catchy Title — This is probably the most important part of your email. If your subject line isn’t compelling enough to make people click on it, they won’t be able to see the rest.
  2. Visuals An attractive design can catch people’s eyes before they even open the mail and look at the text. You should ensure that graphics are not too distracting or obscure any content.
  3. Alt Text This text is important for any visual-based media. When an image is not accompanied by alt text, email clients will automatically read it aloud to their recipients when they hover their mouse over it. People might not understand what they’re seeing if there’s no alt text, or it falls below industry standard.
  4. Mobile Responsiveness-Mobile devices are among the most used today. It is vital to ensure that all email are accessible on a variety platforms by your readers. Check the effectiveness of your campaign across multiple devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) to find out how it works. Adjust your strategy if necessary.
  5. An Organised Layout This tip may not seem to be very important to readers but it is essential. A lack of consistency across email campaigns can cause people to have a difficult time reading your content. This may lead to confusion in your consumer’s mind and cause them to unsubscribe immediately.
  6. Personalized Dynamic content — This is an excellent way to keep people in your email list, and gain more support. Add information that is relevant for what they just got, or use dynamic content variables to build an automated campaign (variables such the recipient’s company name, last transaction, and so forth). This allows you to draw people in without spending much money.
  7. Optimized Feeder — Your footer must include contact information and valuable tidbits like when and how often they read your mail and which links they visited.

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