Poker is one of the famous games in the casino. The majority of both offline and online people love to play these games. By using our OS gaming app available on our website dpboss online you can play poker and live casino games from the comfort of your home. The craze of the poke casino game is much more than you expect. Gamers around the world love to spend their time playing online poker games or tournaments. But there is one more important thing you should learn before playing the online poker game and that is ranking of the poker hands. Many people enter the game without the hands and lose it because they think the hand they have is bad and fold it. 

In total there are 10 rankings of the hands so today’s blog is going to show you the ranking of the poker hand from highest to lowest. Stick to the last to get the full information.

Ranking of The Poker Hands

Royal Flush 

In poker, a royal flush is regarded as the rarest hand. The likelihood of getting this hand is extremely slim. Many fortunate folks are dealt this hand. The number sequence of the royal flush is fixed and that sequence is ten, jack,queen, king and ace of the same color suit. No one can prevent you from winning in poker if you receive this kind of hand.

Straight Flush

In a straight flush, all five cards should contain a continuous number sequence that is also of the same color suits, such as six, seven, eight, nine and ten . This collection of cards is also regarded as being uncommon and extremely rare.

Four of a Kind

Four of a kind means out of five cards four of them have the same number and the remaining one is random cards such as four aces and one random card. This kind of hand ranks third in the poker game and is considered rare because the chances of getting the four of the same number are very low.

Full House 

In the full house hand the three out five cards have the same number and the other two also have the same number. That means three kings and two aces or three eight and two aces.


In poker, this is the fifth-best hand and is considered strong. It implies that regardless of the sequence, all five of your cards have the same color suits. The order may be arbitrary, but the color suit remains the same that means all five of them are of heart or spade etc. When playing poker, if you believe there is a chance you might get a flush, take that chance.


In this hand, five of your cards are of proper continuous sequence but different color suits. That means two, three, four, five, six or six, seven, eight, nine, ten but of different color suits then the hand is now straight. This kind of hand ranks six in poker.

Three of a Kind

In this hand, out of five your cards, three are of the same kind and the other two are random color suits. That means three jack or queen or king and two random cards. You get our point.

Two Pairs

In that five of your cards you have two pairs. By two pairs mean two kings,two queens and one random. It is a strong hand and it is best to continue in the game if you get this kind of hand.

One Pair 

One pair means from the five of your cards you have one pair of the same card. That meant two ace, king or queen and the other three were random suit cards. You get my point. This kind of hand ranks second last in poker. If you get this kind of hand then continue at your own risk.

High Card

When your five cards are not making any kind of combination then that hand is known as a high satta matka card. In this card all the five cards are different including the numbers and color suits type also. This hand ranks low in poker and if you think that there are chances you will get this hand then it is best to fold the card beforehand.


It is very crucial to learn the sequence of the hand before entering in the poker game. Your winning and losing will be decided on the type of hand you have and without knowing the ranking of the hand it is extremely hard for you to identify it. So learn this ranking by heart.

By Manali