Cleaning your sidewalk might not be the most obvious home maintenance task, but it is an important part of looking after your home. Your sidewalk is the first thing that guests will see when they enter your home. Keeping it clean gives a good first impression and boosts your curb appeal. 

Read on to learn how to clean your concrete sidewalks like a professional!

How Often Should I Clean My Concrete Sidewalks?  

If your goal is to maintain clean sidewalks, you need to know when cleaning is necessary. You should clean your concrete sidewalks at least twice a year to keep them looking brand new. Although concrete is a low-maintenance building material, its porous nature sets the perfect trap for soil, liquids, and mildew. Regular cleaning helps keep these stains under control, preventing more stubborn stains from setting in.  

Choose the Right Concrete Cleaning Product

The right product makes all the difference when cleaning concrete surfaces. Because concrete is a porous material, you need to use cleaning products that can sink into the pores and draw out stains. But, you never want to use acid-based cleaners on concrete. Not only can acid-based cleaners dissolve the binder in concrete, but they can also draw calcium hydroxide out of the concrete. This forms efflorescence, a thick and dusty salt deposit, on your concrete, ruining its appearance. 

It’s best to use a non-corrosive and non-degrading cleaning product. These are often peroxide-based cleaners and remove stains without using abrasive chemicals. 

How To Clean Concrete Sidewalks

To prepare for cleaning, sweep up any excess dirt, plant matter, or litter off your sidewalk. Gently hose the sidewalk with clean water. Then, prep the area surrounding your sidewalk by wetting down nearby landscaping such as grass, shrubs, or trees. 

You’re ready to get started!

Step 1: Apply Concrete Cleaner 

If you’re manually cleaning your sidewalk, mix your concrete cleaner with water as per product instructions. Spread and gently scrub the solution into your sidewalk using a soft bristle brush. 

If you want to thoroughly clean your sidewalk without breaking a sweat, you need a pressure washer. Pour your cleaning product into the pressure washer’s detergent tank or place its siphon tube into your cleaning product. Use the lowest pressure nozzle to apply the product. 

Step 2: Let It Soak

Let the cleaner work its magic! Leave it to soak for around 5-7 minutes or as long as the instructions say. 

Do not leave the product for too long–it will harden and become extremely difficult to remove. Work in sections to prevent this. 

Step 3: Rinse Sidewalk

Rinse the product off manually or with your pressure washer. Stand back and admire your sparkling sidewalk! 

Step 4: Repeat As Needed 

Repeat this process to clean every section of your sidewalk. You can also repeat the process in the same area to remove stubborn stains that have been there for years. 

Step 5: Rinse Your Surroundings 

Once your cleaning is complete, be sure to gently rinse the surrounding landscaping. This removes any excess cleaning product from plants or puddles next to your sidewalk. 

Enjoy Your Clean Concrete Sidewalk!

Now that you know exactly how to clean concrete sidewalks, you’re certain to make guests feel welcome in your home. Looking after your sidewalk shows the world that you care about your home and prioritize good maintenance practices. 

Enjoy having the cleanest sidewalks in your neighborhood! 

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By Manali