Camping is generally an exciting experience. It is a time to enjoy the peace and quiet that being out in nature brings. When planning for your trip, you want to make sure you have everything you need to make it a memorable trip. One thing that can potentially put a damper on your trip is having wet feet. Luckily, there are various ways to resolve this issue from air drying to using a portable boot dryer. Here are a few ways to dry wet boots:

Air Drying or Sun Drying

Sun drying is one of the most common methods of drying boots when camping. When nature presents favorable weather, all you need to do is leave your boots out in the direct sunlight. Sun drying is effective but not very quick for drying boots. You will also need to change their position to avoid shade which would delay the drying process.

Your boots will also experience little to no damage when under the sun, but avoid leaving them out for too long because the shape can because distorted. If you are camping in an area with bugs or snakes, check the inside of your boots before wearing them.

Use of Newspapers

Using newspapers is a classic method of drying boots. Stack a few old newspapers in your car truck when preparing for your camping trip. They have good absorbing potential, so they’ll help you dry your boots faster.

To dry, pour out excess water, if any, then insert enough dry newspapers in the boot and let them rest. After a bit of time, check if the newspaper is wet and change them. You can use dried leaves, grass, or moss in their place if you don’t have any newspapers.

Use a Portable Boot Dryer System

Carrying a boot dryer is handy if you want to dry your boots faster during camping. You don’t have to worry about the wet areas and terrain as it helps you dry your boots in minutes.

The time it takes to dry depends on the shoe material type, humidity, and temperature. Besides the ability to dry faster, you can also use it to dry or warm other camping items, such as gloves and helmets. Having a boot dryer will help you maximize your camping experience.

Using Stones

You’ll require small stones for this procedure. Place them in an old jar or kettle and heat them up. Pour the stones into the shoes once they are sufficiently heated. Wrap the stones in a cloth if you are concerned about getting the inside of your boots dirty. You should keep shaking the shoe to make the stones tumble constantly.

Avoid leaving the stones in one spot for an extended time to prevent damage. Repeat this process until the boots dry or after the stones have cooled. This procedure is not recommended for shoes with delicate synthetic membranes and linings since the stones will melt them.


Fan the boots with paper or a fan for faster drying. It would be preferable to carry a portable fan as fanning with your hands is not as time-efficient. To fan the shoes, position them on top of a chair or table in order to ensure good airflow. Then direct the fan’s airflow as close as possible in order to get the fastest drying time possible. 

Use Sand

Put the sand in a pot or any other container that can withstand heat. Warm the sand over a fire or portable oven, then put it in a sock. Insert the sock into the boot. Repeat the procedure several times when the sand cools until the boot dries.

Use Your Body Temperature

Drying the boots yourself is also an option, especially when the weather is hot. When the boots are soaked with water, remove them, squeeze the water from the inner sole and your socks, and then put them back on. Your body’s temperature becomes the drying source which will dry the shoes over a longer period of time. Avoid this method in freezing weather to prevent frostbite.

Preparing Your Boot Dryer Before Camping

Having dry, comfortable shoes while camping can make a big difference. Choose the method that works best for you, whether that is using a boot dryer, sand, or a fan. In case you encounter a situation while camping that soaks your shoes, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan to get them dry again.

By Manali