Are you a beer lover? If you are, you know that exploring the many different styles of beer is crucial to finding what’s right for you. But it can be hard to know how to do beer tasting to get the most out of it.

Is beer tasting something that’s completely new to you? If so, you’re in the right place. Here are some tips for doing a beer tasting the right way.

1. Make Notes

The first and most important of the beer tasting tips is to make notes. Keeping a record of the beer that you taste is essential to improving your ale-drinking experience. Note your opinion on the overall beer, and also any specific qualities that you pick up on, such as the smell, taste, aftertaste, color, body, etc.

Also, make sure to note any particular ingredients or beer flavors that stood out to you. All of these will help you to get a clearer idea of your preferences in beer, and build your palate over time. It will also make it easier to recall the notes you have made in the future, allowing you to make more informed purchasing decisions.

2. Know the Raw Ingredients

Beer tasting is an art that should be mastered in order to truly appreciate the flavor and subtleties of craft beer. One of the important tips for drinking beer the right way is to know the raw ingredients. Make sure that you understand the different types of malts, hops, and yeasts that go into the beer and the flavors that each will impart to the beer.

Being familiar with the equipment used for making beer, such as fermentation vessels, mash tuns, boilers, and condensers, can also be beneficial. It is also important to understand the basics of beer making, such as the brewing process, boiling times, and the timing of additions. Knowing the brewing style will also help you identify flavors in the beer.

3. Be More Critical

For those looking to become more critical in their beer tasting sessions, there are several tips to keep in mind to ensure that the experience is enjoyable for all. Firstly, make sure to drink responsibly, as it is much easier to taste the nuances and differences in beers when you are sober. Also, it is important to properly cleanse your palette between tastings, either with a light cracker, bread, or water.

Remember to pause between tastings, to allow the palette time to adjust and to make sure that the flavors of each beverage are properly appreciated. Also, before and during the tasting, be aware of the beer aromas, types, and flavors, as they are essential to critically analyzing the beer.

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Learn More About Beer Tasting

Beer tasting can be a great way to explore different ales and lagers and find new favorites. It’s important to remember to choose a variety of beers, use all five senses, allow the beer to warm up a bit before drinking, and dump out the sample if you don’t like it.

With these tips, you are sure to have a great beer tasting experience! Try out these tips for yourself and savor the flavors of the various beers!

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By Manali