Since the dawn of time, people have enjoyed charcuterie or sausage platters. They are often served as an appetizer or a simple grilled snack for a large group. They contain various mild and creamy cheeses, cured beef, jams, nuts, or other condiments. When the epidemic broke out COVID -19, one of the many activities performed by people who stayed indoors for prevention was the skillful preparation of cured meats. The overall demand and understanding of it increased proportionally. By 2020, the number of packaged sausages purchased increased by 80 percent. Here’s more about Graze Craze Franchise charcuterie board businesses.

Graze Craze Background

Putting together a charcuterie board worthy of an Instagram post can be challenging for many people. Fortunately, as a personalized charcuterie franchise, Graze Craze offers the convenience of store-bought and pre-packaged charcuterie but with an incredibly attractive presentation. Graze Craze began as a charcuterie store that operates in a tiny storefront but offers a variety of charcuterie options available for takeout and delivery only. Offerings range from snack packs to large platters that can feed an entire group. These include homemade bread, small-batch sauces, and components that are locally sourced whenever possible.

Kerry Sylvester, a U.S. Air Force veteran, founded the company in 2020 and began offering franchises in 2021 when he recognized the market potential for charcuterie stores. Customers can now take their charcuterie purchases home as Graze Craze has launched a complete to-go business model that includes takeout, deliveries, and catering solutions. It allows Graze Craze’s in-store staff to focus on creating sweet and savoury charcuterie platters and picnic packages. The company has over 1600 sites, with more in the pipeline.

Brady Lee, president of Graze Craze, argues that Graze Craze is the ultimate in franchising because it is the only company that offers such deals. The advantage they have over other social media companies in their niche is that they can do much larger events with scalability that smaller organizations can not offer. Lee was interested in the company because it was part of United Franchise Group’s family of brands when it began franchising in 2021.

Consumers have expressed a strong interest in this product, and it continues to gain momentum. In addition, Graze Craze has proven this by offering various charcuterie and picnic alternatives that its customers can customize. Customers can access these offerings in a way that is different from other customized alternatives. It’s worth noting that the charcuterie board market is worth $378 million today and still has plenty of room for expansion.

Why You Should Invest In Graze Craze

With several franchises expressing interest in the Graze Craze brand, it is impossible to overlook their range of services and products, along with the efficient operations they maintain, which fits well with their strong business position. Moreover, Graze craze is an excellent brand belonging to a company serving consumers for 35 years. Therefore, unlike other newly established brands, they already have a solid, built-in infrastructure with competent teams in different departments that care for all the franchisees’ needs. Ideally, it’s a balance between two worlds: a thriving new franchise with unlimited opportunities and working with an experienced company that knows how to build brands and support franchisees.

On top of that, the idea is cost-effective compared to most other gastronomic business models. Not only are retail and general infrastructure costs much lower, but labour costs are not very high. To break it down even further, Graze Craze only requires about three employees at a time, and they do not need a high level of expertise or skill to operate sophisticated equipment or culinary processes. To make a long story short: It speeds up and simplifies hiring processes. It’s also cheaper to retain staff.

Graze Craze requires an initial investment of between $150,000 and $175,000 to set sail. Compared to other restaurant ideas that can skyrocket up to a million dollars, the investment in Graze Craze is comparatively much cheaper.

Also, note that you don’t have to cook at Graze Craze. You don’t have to deal with grills and hoods. You also don’t need a walk-in refrigerator. It’s an excellent option if you’re interested in the food industry but don’t want to own a full-fledged service restaurant.

Do you find the word “charcuterie” difficult to pronounce? You can use “Graze Craze” as it means the same. It is also worth noting that Graze Craze is a worthy investment run by competent management. Their long-term goal is to become the leading brand most commonly associated with charcuterie. With a proven model, you can build a reliable business by buying a franchise at Graze Craze.

By Manali