There are several solutions for treating hair loss. A hair tattoo can be the long-term, modern solution you have been looking for. Here are all the things you should know about these tattoos:

What Are Hair Tattoos? 

A hair tattoo or scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a hair loss treatment that mimics the look of a short buzz cut. SMP is a type of cosmetic procedure. During treatment, a practitioner uses a small applicator to add pigment to the scalp. This pigment produces the appearance of short hair stubble.

What Does the Process Look Like? 

The process of getting scalp micropigmentation can look different for each person. Your first step should be to find a scalp micropigmentation clinic near you. Once you have booked a consultation appointment, a practitioner will assess the right hair loss treatment plan for you.

Treatment plans may vary from person to person because their hair loss may look different. If you are completely bald, you may have to book more sessions than those with hair that is just starting to thin. Your practitioner will help set you up with the right plan.

Most plans will start with a minimum of two to four sessions but can increase depending on the amount of hair loss. Each session may be booked 10-20 days apart to make sure your scalp has time to adjust to the treatment before starting a new session. 

During your first session, your practitioner will create the outline of the hair tattoo. This outline is designed to replicate your natural hairline. From there, they’ll apply hundreds of tiny pigments throughout your scalp, creating the appearance of a fresh buzz cut.

You can see a noticeable difference when you walk out of your first appointment. In the next few appointments, your hair tattoo artist will add pigment to create dimension and blend to build a more even appearance of hair follicles.

Once you have completed your SMP treatment plan, your artist will give you aftercare instructions, such as gentle shampoos to use on your scalp. Hair tattoos last around four to six years before needing a touchup. Touchups are fairly simple and can be scheduled at the same facility where you got your original hair tattoos.

What Is the Cost of a Hair Tattoo?  

During your first consultation, the practitioner should give you a rundown of how much your scalp micropigmentation may cost. Hair loss treatment costs will vary depending on the amount of hair loss you have.

Can I Keep My Hairline? 

You should be able to keep your hairline by describing the look you prefer to your hair treatment artist. If you want to create a whole new hairline, the practitioner will be able to help you out. The right hair tattoo practitioner can choose the perfect hairline for you. They should be able to use the shape of your face, your age, and other factors to determine your most flattering hairline. 

What Does Recovery Look Like? 

After your treatment, you may see slight redness on your scalp for a few days. The flushed tone will reduce naturally. There is no downtime for this hair loss treatment. You can go about your everyday activities, and you will not need to take time off of work.

It is recommended that, for four to five days after treatment, you avoid shaving, shampooing, scrubbing, or any activities that make you sweat heavily. Being gentle with your scalp will allow it to fully heal in a few short weeks. You will not likely experience any pain, but being cautious as you ease back into your routine can give you the best treatment results. 

Can SMP Cover Scarring? 

Scalp micropigmentation can assist in blending scarring that was caused by other hair loss treatments. If you have scarring from FUE or FUT, this treatment can be used through a few different techniques. Your artist can use a blend of different colors to camouflage the scar and help it blend in with the micropigmentation.

Modern Technology Conquers Hair Loss 

This treatment uses modern technology to give clients the appearance of a fresh buzz cut. If you are losing your hair, this treatment may be perfect for you.

Hair tattoos have become a popular hair loss treatment for many reasons. There is no recovery downtime, the treatment does not require surgery, and it is customizable. If you are considering this hair tattoo treatment, find a clinic near you to begin your hair transformation journey.

By Manali