When your kitchen countertops are neat and spacious, they make cooking enjoyable and stress-free. But when clumsy, things can get overwhelming. That’s when utensils and ingredients can be hard to obtain. And to clean in such a situation is difficult.

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So these are practical tips you can follow to declutter and free up space on your kitchen countertops. This is to ensure that your activities in the kitchen give you pleasure rather than brain-drain.

Tips To Declutter Kitchen Countertops

1. Intentionality

When you want to maximize the space on your kitchen countertops, you have to be willing to put in the effort and time. 

You might have been intentional about decluttering at some point, but you still find the spaces filled up with different utensils. So don’t be fed up as you need the zeal to make things work.

2. Assess and Decide

Examine everything on your kitchen countertops right now. Are they all useful? Do you use them often? Do you need them? These are the questions you should ask about each of these items on your countertops.

You are not using some things, but you still keep them anyway. It’s high time you sold, discarded, or gave them away. They are some of the things taking up space on your kitchen countertops.

3. Store similar things in the same storage space.

Trays, baskets, and other containers can be used to keep similar items. This allows you to obtain them easily and minimize the spaces on your kitchen countertops. And for easy identification, label the containers accordingly.

When items are packed together in a container, they allow for easy carriage and minimize stress.

4. Effective use of cabinet

Keep your spices, cutleries, and other utensils inside your kitchen cabinet. It makes decluttering so easy and creates enough space on your countertops. You can easily access these items inside your cabinet.

5. Remove appliances that are rarely used

There are some appliances you rarely use in your kitchen and they take up unnecessary space. How many times do you use that mixer, toaster, or oven? If you don’t use them often, transfer them to your store. And take them out whenever they are needed.

This affords you enough space to tidy your kitchen countertops easily. Some appliances are not even meant for the kitchen, please keep them away immediately.

6. Use of floating shelves

Floating shelves are good ways to create storage space, especially in a non-existing space. They are usually fixed on the walls and allow for storing kitchen utensils. Also, you can put in decorations that beautify your kitchen.

When you judiciously use this shelf, you need not worry about space in your kitchen tops anymore. 

7. Put away unnecessary decorations

As much as you want your kitchen to look nice, too many decorations may take maximum space. So you want to be realistic with your decor and reduce them to avoid clutters.

You might want to transfer these decorations to another part of your house. They may suit your living room or bedroom the best.

By Manali