Having a new pad is indeed something that should be both celebrated and enjoyed, especially when it comes to putting your own mark on it. This can be done either by decorating or filling it with items that truly reflect your personality. However, it is incredibly easy to go over the top with purchases and spend all of your money within a very short amount of time.

Although this article covers the different ways in which you can obtain pre-loved or secondhand items, there are going to be some items (such as mattresses for instance) that you are going to want to purchase new, and for good reason too.

#1 Sourcing items online 

There is a plentiful source of pre-loved or secondhand items available on sites such as eBay or social media sites such as Facebook. You can pick up bargains that can either be placed straight into your new pad as is, customized by yourself to go with your new pad’s look, or have been upcycled or renovated by the seller. 

With so many unique or bespoke items available to you within a pretty wide price range, you are more than likely to find something that appeals to you and your tastes, especially as you can source your items from all over the world rather than just having to stick within your local neighborhood. 

However, with this, you are going to have to look into large item delivery for those large items such as bed frames, white goods and couches. In situations like this, it is a good idea to try Shiply as they list specialist businesses, meaning that you will be able to get a quote from multiple shipping companies for you to select which offers the best fit for you.

#2 Checking out local yard sales and thrift stores

If you prefer to stay more local or like to have a feel and see the items in person, then there is the opportunity of doing just this with any local yard sales taking place near your home. You may be able to see any advertised on your social media feed if you are a member of those pages for your local area, but it is also a good idea to keep your eyes open on local notice boards or shop windows too.

Some thrift stores also hold furniture for sale as well as clothing, crockery, and bric-a-brac. Unlike yard sales, there is a strong likelihood that they will either be able to recommend a man with a van for delivery of the furniture that they have on offer or will have their own delivery vehicle should you not be able to collect the items yourself.

#3 Using word of mouth

If you weren’t already aware, though, the cheapest way of getting items for your new pad is to use the ‘family and friends’ grapevine. Sending out a message so that anyone who is wanting to be rid of any items that you require to get in contact with you, or just pass the items along the line is a tried and tested idea. 

Even with the most extended family and friend group, you will be very lucky indeed if you get everything you want. However, this can still tick a lot of things off your list because for most people, it feels good to help – and it obviously helps to move unwanted items without actually putting them in the trash.

By Manali