That feeling when you need to use the toilet and you notice a toilet clog it’s so humiliating and can affect your day’s activity. Recalling the cost of hiring a professional plumber often puts you off. 

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Some toilet issues can be fixed by yourself using some tools in your house. The next thing you are the basic knowledge, so here are 7 clever ways to unclog a toilet. 

Clever Ways to Unclog a Toilet

1. Get A Toilet Plunger

This tool works 90% when you have a clogged toilet. Use a toilet plunger that has a flange at the end of it; make sure you place the seal properly on the toilet drain. Having done that, push gently. You wouldn’t want to splash water on your face, be cautious. 

Gently plunge in 10 to 15 times while maintaining the seal. You may have unclogged your toilet if you notice it going down the drain. If otherwise, try the process again. 

2. Apply Hot Water

This is one simple method anyone can try. Despite its simplicity, adding a little dish soap works like magic. Firstly, boil some water, say 10 liters, and while doing that, pour some dish soap into the toilet bowl. 

Once the water is boiled, pour it into the toilet and wait for some minutes to allow the clog to soften. After that, flush the toilet again. 

3. Mix Vinegar and Baking Soda

This method is also a simple one, just like chemistry practical. Get baking soda, a cup of it into the toilet bowl, and all it to sit for some minutes. Get your vinegar, give a little distance, and pour in two cups. Do it gently because of the chemical reaction between the two products. 

Allow for a few minutes, say 30 to 40 minutes, then flush and observe for clogs. 

4. Use A Toilet Brush

This method might look dirty, but you’re after getting a result, so try it. Get a toilet brush, preferably those with long bristles. Position the bristles close to the drain, then pump up and down a few times to clear the clog. You can do this a couple of times until the clog is off. 

5. Use Drain Snake

From its name, you have an idea of what of looks like. Aside from using a plunger, this method is effective. Get your drain snake, wear a hand glove, then insert your snake into the drain and spin for some minutes until you separate the clog. 

Once the water starts draining, you can take out your drain snake and flush it properly. 

6. Use A Dry/Wet Vacuum Cleaner

You can rent a wet/dry vacuum if you don’t have one. Before you commence, wear a hand glove. After that, insert your vacuum into the toilet bowl and drain the water. Then you can wrap the hose with a towel or rag and turn on your vacuum. It’ll suck out the clog immediately. 

7. Get A Wire

This method is not classy enough, it can get dirty, but it works. If you don’t have a plunger or a drain snake, you can construct one. Get a wire with a good length, insert it into the toilet bowl, and spin continuously until the water starts draining. 

This method will help you save money. 

If all these methods listed do not help, please contact a professional plumber for help.

By Manali