Building any business takes effort. Building a franchise takes a tremendous amount of effort, determination, and persistence, among other traits. The American Family Care franchisor is one example of the result of hard work, determination, and discipline. With over 200 locations across 26 states, it is a formidable franchise, one that has come to represent the true essence of what it takes to build a franchise.

As a potential franchisee, you want to ensure that you get all the support from the parent company or franchisor when buying into one. As such, you should always look for certain traits when choosing to become part of any franchise. 

The American Family Care embodies all the following traits as a reputable franchise:

1) Dedication

A franchisor should be dedicated to ensuring the overall success of the franchise. This means giving enough time and attention to every aspect of running the franchise, including keeping tabs on franchisees. Many franchisees are regular folks with no prior business experience to speak of. Such franchisees may need a lot of hand-holding at the beginning. A franchisor that’s not fully dedicated to the business of running the franchise may not provide such franchisees with the support that they need. This could lead to franchisees failing to live up to the franchise’s expected standards. Such a scenario could be detrimental to the franchise’s long-term image because the concept of a strong brand is essential for the survival of any franchise. As such, a franchisor has to be fully dedicated to running the franchise.

2) Proven Track Record

In the business world, a franchisor’s track record is a big thing. It could mean the difference between attracting potential franchisees and none at all. This is because succeeding in any business venture, including a franchise, involves overcoming many challenges. A franchisor with a proven track record of success and astute management, and profitability is what entrepreneurs will seek out when they’re considering buying into a franchise. 

3) Being Innovative

Running a franchise can be challenging. With new trends coming every few years, a franchisor has to adapt to these trends to stay at the top. This adaptability may need some innovation. For example, social media platforms like Instagram have made selling and advertising much easier. A shrewd franchisor will quickly incorporate such a trend into its overall marketing strategy to cut advertisement costs and increase sales. 

An innovative franchisor shows potential franchisees that they are not blind to what’s happening around them. Sometimes, this may mean a significant shift in how the franchisor does business. This lack of fear of effecting change is a valuable trait for any franchisor.

4) Passion

Any franchise will face some challenges once in a while. How the franchisor responds to such challenges will make a huge difference. A key trait to weathering such challenges is passion. A franchisor that’s not passionate about what they do will not give their all to the business. This could manifest in the form of poor management and a lack of progress. A passionate franchisor will persevere and find a way around challenges.

5) Willingness to Listen

Regardless of how long a franchisor has been in business, they can always use some advice every now and then. This advice could come from franchisees, those working on the frontline of the franchise. A franchisor that ignores all advice will likely run into problems. For example, there may be a drop in sales or demand for services due to customer dissatisfaction with a particular aspect of the franchise. Such information could be brought to the attention of the franchisor by a low-level manager. Ignoring such advice could affect the franchise’s bottom line.

6) Maintaining Personal Touch

Eventually, a franchise will grow into a very large business. This can create a situation where the franchisees feel that the franchisor is distant from them. A good franchisor endeavors to maintain close contact with franchisees. This could mean personally visiting as many franchisees at their locations as possible. This helps with morale. It lets the franchisees know that upper management is there for them when difficulties arise.

7) Good Leadership And Collaboration

As the head of a business, a franchisor should have strong leadership qualities to ensure that the franchise moves in the desired direction. Equally, good leadership should go hand-in-hand with collaboration. A good franchisor should foster collaboration, both internally and externally, while offering strong leadership. This ensures that everything runs smoothly.

All in all, potential franchisees can expect all the above qualities from an American Family Care franchisor.

By Manali