Oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide. Oral hygiene is one of the factors that lead to dental problems in children. Just because their permanent teeth haven’t come in doesn’t mean their oral health can be neglected.

Tooth decay in children is usually due to inadequate dental hygiene. While there are other actors that can contribute to it, good dental habits coupled with visits to the dentist should keep most issues at bay.

So, keep reading to find out more about tooth decay in children and what you can do once you see the warning signs.

You Are What You Eat

It all starts with what passes through your mouth. With all the food and drinks that get consumed, the mouth is constantly exposed to bacteria. So if you combine sugary foods with poor oral hygiene, then you’re left with a breeding ground for tooth decay.

When it comes to decayed teeth in children, it just takes one tooth to affect the rest of their mouth. That’s why it’s important to act at the first sign of tooth decay.

Signs of Tooth Decay

While there are various things that can cause tooth decay, it is important to know the early warning signs. Each person will be slightly different, but some common signs of tooth decay include the following:

  • Pain around a tooth
  • Sensitivity to certain foods or drinks
  • White spots form on affected teeth where the enamel starts to break down
  • A light brown cavity forms on the tooth

If you notice any of these warning signs, there is a strong possibility that your child is experiencing tooth decay and needs to see a dentist as soon as possible.

Visit a Children’s Dentist ASAP

One of the best ways to maintain your child’s oral health is to take them to the dentist regularly. Regular visits to the dentist will help reduce the likelihood of painful cavities, and the visits will allow the dentist to monitor the growth of their teeth. This will allow the dentist to detect any issues as they set in.

When looking for a dentist for your child, you should consider finding the best family dentist you can in your area. You and your family will be visiting dentists for the rest of your life, so you might as well find a good one from the beginning.

Tooth Decay in Children Explained

Tooth decay in children is much more common than you might think and can cause severe problems if left untreated. It’s never too early to start teaching your child how to clean and maintain their oral hygiene properly. Daily brushing and flossing are crucial if you want your child to build good habits from a young age.

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By Manali